Drum solos BREAKDOWN

I am back pretty quick this time with another unchoreographed drum solo. This is what i do late into the nights after an outing. Dance. I had always liked drum solos. I wanted to boost up my confidence by trying to dance unchoreographed. Ive lately began to admire russian dancer Maria Shashkova. Especially her charisma on stage. Even though most of her dance steps are just shimmies. She does in them in variety. Apart from the muscle training my teacher taught me, i started practising drum solos as well. I can say, its great exercise.

My BIG mistakes 

I can see my mistakes all over the video. I dance too fast. And maybe a bit too sharp. Or could i call that mystyle. I like accents. But observing many bellydancers not all accent themselves that much. But i like the style of Maria. Another fact, i am not FEELING the music. I havent reached the stage yet where dancers are so CONFIDENT that they can melt into the music. I am still in the “not so sure” stages. I know i beat the music. I always do that. Out of fear of missing that step, i dance too fast. And i look like i am going to fly out of the screen. Its like someone is fast forwarding me 😛


Hmm. My transitions have certainly become alot more smoother. I could do transitions well last time. My confidence level has become higher. I dont have to choreograph anything too much. My stamina has certainly gone up! I cant dance fully for a 6 min drum solo. Now i can do it. Yes ive been smiling. I usually frown or look constipated lol. Or sometimes i look like i am dying.

What i learnt?

After dancing drum solos non stop for over a few nights. I learnt a few things.

-You HAVE to know the music

-You DONT need to choreograph anything. Just a rough path to follow

-Dont STOP when you missed a step

-keep SMILING!

I have decided from now on, i will listen to a drum solo. Recognise the beats. Until it becomes my memory. Then, i would try dancing to it. It will be alot more easier. And smoother. Drum solos are KNOWING the music . RECOGNISING and DANCING to it. Its always great to have a group of bellydance friends. Ariadne and i exchange music all the time. Its like, i know there are certain music that she can pull of better. Her intrepretation is always iteresting to watch. I am waiting to see her dance to some of the music i sent her.

Future plans

I am planning to pick up workshops on turkish bellydance. Turkish bellydance is a passion of mine. I might also consider tribal in the future. I would be taking more workshops later this year. I am not sure if that would benefit me. And i would always give top prority to school as its on a weekend of May. I dont want to pay in advance just to cancel it later.

Or should i just get a weight belt and practise till i am really ready for a workshop? Weight belts are great in helping you learn faster.

Or should i do enough research on turkish bellydance before signing up for workshops? There are great DVDs in the market. That would give me a good preview. 

I have the same character as my dad. Obsession runs in the family. I am obsessed with dance as he is obsessed with games. He has gotten himself so far


-Xbox 360


-Nitendo DS

Yes. Its all for him to play. Not to mention the numerous games sitting in my house 🙂 And ive gt the same obsession with the things i do. Anyways keep obsessing yourself with bellydance. Bless you all. Do keep mailing me. If you need music do ask me, i will send it to u. Take care!


5 thoughts on “Drum solos BREAKDOWN

  1. I may be ignorant but I think this is beautiful! It seems that you have improved very much since I first saw you. It is also refreshing to see someone with such passion for a beautiful art.

  2. Thank you. Yes i am a little obsessed with bellydance. I had always had a love for anything ancient or categorised in a bad light. Before i started learning bellydance, even i had a very sexualised impression about it. So i was really very curious to know whether its true. Thats how i strated exploring and learning the history. Thank you so much for your comment again

  3. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog… The video will only work for a few seconds, but from what I can see you’re a good dancer!

    About the DVD versus lessons or workshops, I would really advise you to take lessons instead. Sometimes movements don’t come across well on DVDs and it’s always good to have a teacher who can correct your poses to make you dance better.

  4. hiya i saw ur video by a pure chance as i like dancing. i haven’t been following ur blog but i’d like to share my thoughts.The truth is/for me/ if u just follow ur heart and listen to it u will get where u wanna be. let the music , the rhythm be ur only guide. listem , feel n allow the music to speak to u and all u have to do is to absorb and interpret it.use a bit more of imagination and creation, n life . u r good and will get better only if u want n allow urself.best of luck. x

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