Youtuber Seema’s request->Hip drop kick

Youtubers’ requests

I am back again to fulfill a request from a fellow bellydancer Seema. She was interested to know how to do a hip drop kick with a turn. I tried to find some background information on this particular step in bellydance. Unfortunately, there is not much information on the net. I once remember watching the dance dvd of Neena and Veena and they called this dance step playful and lively. Hip drop kicks are really fun to watch. Especially when done with a smile.

I am glad to recieve feedback and suggestions. I do not mind doing up video requests. But if you guys want a particular step, you might have to show an example video. Thats because in different countries they address the same step with different names. So it would be a bit difficult for me to find out what you guys are trying to say. Do keep sending me requests ad questions, i would certainly try my best to help you.

Learner friendly videos

In this video, i tried to make it learner friendly by showing a close up of the feet movement. After all, i am a film student. I might just have to use some of the knwoledge i learn from my course. Now i am directing my own videos. The room needs to be a little more less messy i guess. But i have a tiny room. So its like i have to make arrangements before doing a video. And most of the stuff ends up on my bed. And it is a major distraction.

I should start thinking of mis- en- scene. Maybe it will be better practise for me. I am now shifting my interest towards how a scene should look like. How a set should look like. The colours used. The textures on the wall. Music. I am pretty interested in that field for now.

 I should also thank my dad who got me a tiny tripod. (Not a great one, it came free with the camera). But to me its useful. I can mount my camera somewhere safe finally.

I shall try my best to remove distractions so you guys wont lose focus. Do tell me what changes and how you want to be taught better. I can try to make stuff easier. But expanding my room is impossible. Sorry.

Improve bellydance how? 

Some bellydancers ask me this. The main problem with many of us is we have no problem dancing in class. We find it fun. But when we get back home. Some HARDLY parctise. The reasons are… “Im not motivated”, “Lazy”. I watched a video on a bellydancer who advised that dancing in restuarants help her. She is able to see and control the space she dances in. Not all of us, dance in huge stages. Sometimes our dance floor can even be a teeny spot, depending on your location. So its important you practise on big and small spaces. Having an audience or a dance partner helps. Recieving comments and constructive criticisms. Another way is to camera yourself. Watch it. See how you look on stage. Review your mistakes. Tape again. This helps you gauge your strength and weaknesses.

” I only like drum solos!!!” 

Another pattern of thought i found in many dancers are that if they are good in a certain genre of that dance, they will stick to it. Honestly, i was like this. I only liked drum solos. Cos i am a really fast dancer. I CANT move slow. I ALWAYS go faster than the beat. Later on, i forced myself to dance slowly. I started bellyrolling. Bellyrolls need tons of patience. The slower the better. Thats how i could start dancing to slower music.

When a youtuber requested me to dance to “trust in me”. I was trying to avoid it and run away. Cos i thought i cant move slow. But eventually i was able to. I am not great in it. I am somewhere.

So its always important to explore. If you doing egyptian. Dont just stick to it. Try tribal or turkish. Try fast, slow movements. This widens your circle of dance and you can dance to aything. To me, a good bellydancer is someone who can dance to any music.

How much do i have to practise?

Everyday. Honestly, i dance everday. I dance in my shower, when i am changing, when i am watching tv. Its always hard to put on music and review steps. No one likes that. After every class, i record my steps so i can review back and practise at home. This helps me to remmeber the choreography taught in class.

Well thats all for now. Do keep sending me requests and emails. I am reading them. I am no expert. Just a regular dancer. But always keep in mind to seek help from a professional teacher. Videos can only help to a limit. Its never like being in a class.


One thought on “Youtuber Seema’s request->Hip drop kick

  1. Really enjoyed learning moves through your videos! Thanks for posting them and I really like your blog site too. I am currently learning Egyptian belly dance. However, having read your blog I will experiment and try different styles as well.

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