bellydance makeup n questions

Casimera asked me a question on undulations. I did a quick video to explain to her as much as i can. Undulations look similar to bellyrolls. But they are different. Undulations also require the control of your muscles. Like ive explained in this video, there are three muscles in your stomach. You have to suck in the 1st(diaphram), then slowly the 2nd muscle…lift your chest and then the third muscle.

Another topic i touched was on Bellydance makeup. There are very few sites that explains how a bellydancer should groom for stage. I had always been a fan of arabic makeup so i tried a soft one using gold and greens. I used mac colors humid and woodwinked. Its advisable to wear corn shadestick and then apply those colors.After blending them, i applied eyeliner all over my lid and topped it off with mascara. Its pretty simple to do. I have put some pics on this page.



My hair has started to have really tight curls. Unruly hair. Some asked me to rebond. I dont think i ever will. In a world where there are so many straight haired people, i am standing out. Well i know i look alot older than my age. But i really love my curly hair, i dont think straightening my hair would ever make me look younger. But i must congratulate my darling Ray to have been trying all sorts of hairstyles on me to make me look younger.



My flash sucks. It makes my skin look real bad!

I dont usually wear makeup. I am lazy. My mom prefers me without makeup. Honestly, i do too. My features look kinder without makeup. I wear it when i have the mood or if there is a necessity to look presentable. I guess i would invest on a mac shadestick soon. I have no regrets getting mac humid. I remembered someone saying, “You can never go wrong with green.” I love mixing colors with gold. But then again, i am indian and im brown. So gold should sit well on my skin.

I am just enjoying every minute of my holiday doing what i really like to do. Dancing. I enjoy my bellydance lessons alot. Apart from that, i have to thank Ray to have put some sense on to me. I no longer should brood over what happened to my brother. (Sorry Angel, this personal issue might help people out there.) Its time i move on. People are not used to seeing me quiet. Especially my classmates. I am better now. My brother would only be happy to see me move on. I guess its every pain that makes you stronger. Ive seen quite alot in this short life of mine. Things had only made me stronger. There is a reason for everything. And is God decides it, it will only be for the good.

I needed time to brood over the issue. To chew on it mainly because i couldnt grieve when i needed to. I am done chewing on the issue. And yes i will visit Kerala soon enough. This time to entertain my bro’s mom. Kerala is my Kerala.

And i take real offense with people who speak bad about my state. I was about to slap someone who offended my state without having proper knowledge about us. As for the documentary, work is going alright. Slow but steady.

Well my obsessive nature always keeps me busy with something. I hope you guys enjoy reading my blog. This was really long one.

Peace on you

2 thoughts on “bellydance makeup n questions

  1. hi sabreena! Yr hair does look unruly in the 3rd pic but it can look beautiful if you pair it with good makeup, clothes and your confidence! dun ask me how im no beauty expert but i guess u get the idea.

    btw i will be submitting a short story to this yr’s golden point writing award but i wd like yr opinions of it. can I e-mail it to you for your feedback? how can I e-mail it to you? thks!

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