Kya me Bewafa hoon ?


This is something i would love to write about. A friend of mine called me Bewafaa (Unfaithful one in hindi) all of a sudden. He meant it in a joking way actually. In the history of all the nicknames ive gotten, i think this is the most suitable one. Yes i am unfaithful. Ever since i went into FSV i had been ignoring alot of people.  Ive always had a bad nature of forgettng birthdays and looking at updates,

Well i have a reply to all those people now…

Haan main Bewafa hoon..  lol (indeed i am unfaithful) I dont mean it people. My course is such. I will be more faithful next time.

Ok this is a egyptian pop bellydance. It is mostly performed in Egypt bars and clubs. It is basically bellydancing to modern songs. This is the first time i am trying my hand at it. I mixed it with a choreograhy i learnt from my old teacher. I am quite aware of my mistakes in this video. Even though, many people are very kind towards me. I must specially thank Ariadne for her music and a dances. Her dance had always inspired me to try different things.

I had been practising my belly rolling. I do see an improvement in it. Ive to thank my teacher for that. It is really important to know your different muscles.

I have a deep desire to try tribal bellydance soon…


Kimberly, Adrian and I found a new hobby. Cycling at pulau ubin. The rocky paths were great. It was adventurous. N i was very surprised i could handle the tough paths. I am not an excellent cyclist. But i love cycling there. The fresh air, the simple life and being free. I must thank Adrian for that. He does know quite alot of good stuff. N i admire the fact that he eats healthy and is physically active.

 We cycled till we ached today. We visitied some really scary places. It was really fun. I hope to try kayaking sometime.

Posh vs Rural villages?

We were discussing about where we like to hang out. Most of my friends love posh restuarants, malls and the movies. They like to dress good and eat good food. Even if its a date, this is the offers ive gotten. Its always some posh place.

Its true i love to dress. But that doesnt mean i like sitting in some post restuarant, sipping away some expensive tea that costs a fortune. (No offence to my good friend Traviz).

I am a little like a guy. I love doing what i did today. Cycling, falling down, hiking, camping, boating. This is what i like. I felt like i was a character frm moby dick when i looked out into the sea. It was magical. I have a wish to learn how to swim, surf and kayak. I like that. It feels so good cycling on those rocky paths. Unafraid of injuries. The path was dangerous. Honestly speaking… I am a careful rider so i guess i was safe.

What more?

That place reminded me of Kerala so much. The air was fresh. The place was rural. Simple shops, huts, natural food, stray dogs and mosquito bites! I loved it. There was the sea by the side. Sound of waves. The sight of boats. The scorching sun. The whole place reminded me of some old setting or like how Singapore would be in the 60’s. Its my dream to revisit those times. I hate malls, concrete jungles and mechanical lives. I envy the lives of those people. A simple hut. Clean air and fresh food.

My dad told me once that i am attached to the past. I haved asked everyone if they ever wanted to timetravel to da future or to da past. Most said future. But i would love the past. I wannt to experience how they all lived. This tiny trips to pulau ubin is making me look forward to Borneo. I really hope no one screws my trip. I want to live like a villager there. It has been my dream.

It wll be good if you had a buddy or a mate who shared the same thoughts as you. I want to travel alot and do quite alot. And i guess i will start off with borneo first 🙂

5 thoughts on “Kya me Bewafa hoon ?

  1. Dearest Bewafaa

    Your unfaithfulness I would gladly tolerate

    Your beauty hypnotizes me!

    I would gladly love you forever – And let you tear out another piece of my heart

  2. Hi
    Nice dance by the way !
    you just have to ignore the camera it looks like its stressing you out and its affecting your movements but you got talents in you !
    and by the way waht’s the name of the song ? or at least the singer ?

  3. hi gen,
    i was so impress by the way you interpret your dances and way you teach it little by little i been trying basic bellydancing for almost 2 months now.. a little improvement i got a lost a lot of weight, well i salute you with that, and hope to see more of your videos.. keep on the thing that you really love your doing it so well, hope too hear from you soon.. take care!!


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