Trust in me (Slow bellydance)

So after much request from HHVB. I have done this video. This is my interpretation of Kaa’s song. I am not a good slow bellydancer. But i am trying. This dance was unchoreographed. But it was a great way of celebrating after my a tough semester.

I realized that before doing a peformance, always tie weights to ur hips and dance. Ur actual performace will be much much smoother.

Borneo Trip

Its a pity Ray cant make it. I feel really sad about it. But i guess i cant tell her to go against her parents. I was reading around to get a feel of the place before i start planning what to bng a long. I dont think i should have a problem living there. I had stayed in several places in India. Rich poor and all. Even though my reltiaves are well off there. I had visited poorer homes. Experienced mosquito bites, power cuts and aircon less nites. Trust me, i am more than happy to go.

I was reading Kane’s blog to understand how is it to stay there. I guess its pretty bizzarre for anyone from singapore to go and experience a village. I love villages. I love the chickens, cows, padi fields and wells. I dont mind the mosquito bites. I love the fresh air, the clean food and simple life.

It was almost trying to get a preview of a life me and florian dreamt of. A simple village. It would have been good to have my friend flo here. I miss him so much. He is as boring as me. Trust me, we dont talk about Tv fashion or movies. We talk about life. People. Places. Things we want to improve on. Its the way i am i guess, I am boring. And i have the perfect twin with me, Florian. We can sit for hours and talk.

I am quite excited about this trip. I like learning about people. Their lives. I am fine with bucket showers and toilets. I can survive. But i am just scared of privacy. I want my tea, a small mirror in the toilet. I kind of feel safe with mirrors. I am scared of people watching me when im bathing. Its a phobia i developed after a bad experienece. And i wish i could speak Bahasa Indonesia. Florian is fluent in it. I only know manis, pedas…some food items…i dont even know how to say ‘I love you’ in Bahasa. lol. I only know some malay. My dad can speak Malay real fluently.

My friend got married today

I feel so excited. Khaleel got married today again. I blogged about him before. His 1st marriage didnt work out. I feel so happy 4 him. I thnaked God the moment i heard he was going to get married. He gave up on marriage after the failure. But now i feel really relieved he decided to marry again.

Mr. Question Mark?

I felt i had to write about this guy. I keep bumping into him. I dont know why he attracts me. I dont have a crush on him. Its nothing like that. I just felt he had everything i looked for. facial features. Beard, moustache, long hair. I just think he is so good looking. I felt like i was a teen again. I dont know who he is. But i was so surprised that this guy would keep such a look. Most guys follow the latest trend. This guy stands out.

He is good looking and all. And i think he would be the perfect charactr for a movie i am thinking to make. I imagined him. It looked perfect.

Then again, a guy can be cute. To me, it ends there. I dont want to think about the process of a relationship. It ends up always in one stupid route. I am not being cynical. I rather have a serious relationship. If someone likes me, i would perfer him to propose marriage. Its more gentleman like. And i can know how serious he is. Really i am not in the stupid road of love fights sex and break up. I rather have a life partner that has brain and a heart. Then, smeone who just wants to try things out. I might be only 21. But im like 30. I am too tired of trying already.

Happy married life Khaleel

4 thoughts on “Trust in me (Slow bellydance)

  1. thats great stay the way you are because its really a great thing, you’ll find someone just like that who will value you from day one. your just like me im 21 but i have an old spirit if you’d like calling it that, wise. i like that-

  2. hi-
    really appreciate your hard work and talent. also sharing a little bit about yourself! being real is becoming a “lost art” these days! i’m finding that being who i am and being alone isn’t really so bad, for Jesus has promised to be with me always! God bless-george
    john 3:16

  3. I really like what you do , i am learning the dance myself,but i have a lot more to go and i know i will acomplish it. i would like to learn more and you have the patience i want to learn how you bellyroll up and down can you give me some tips also camelwalk i am having a hard time. thanks stay in touch,,

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