My creative socpsy journal. I cant believe i did this. But i guess its all for the grades. I am not a good actress. I rather be behind the camera. But desperation makes you do unbelievable things. Its kind of risky. Creative journals can go either way. I rather try try

some crazy than taking main roads.

tired to write out the journal. I am really looking forward to my holiday now. I have so mch more to work on in the next two weeks.



Isnt he just the perfect modelling material. I can keep using him 4 my films. Just the perfect face 🙂


  1. Hi. I landed here somewhat accidentally, but I’ve been browsing through your blog (hope you don’t mind). Anyway…

    Interesting technique above. When I saw you doing that, I couldn’t help thinking of this (check out esp. what happens at around 3:30):

  2. Haha that video was very entertaining and made me laugh in the beging!!lol….And you have got great talent its amazing!!! Well done keep belly dancing up!! Love most of your pics on your videos…and bye…and i was wondering would it be ok if you can email me some songs? please…lol.bye have a nice day..xxxxx

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