I needed a place to vent my feelings and i am here now.

Ive a few words to tell myself

Ive a few words to write in stone

I have to tell the world that i am different

I am not afraid of anyone

I rather do things differently than be lost in the crowd

I have one life

I rather do what i want

Then die, never doing them.

If i was afraid i would never leave my comfort zone

I would never hear humilating words from people

Just to be here and do what i want

Its my story, its my thoughts

I write my own life

Wont i do what i want with my story?

Ive built castle on the foundation of an impossible dream

A dream a youth would only think its part of a movie

I broke that castle

To come here

To build a whole new foundation from scratch

I am not afraid of anyone

I am not afarid of failing

Ive been there

Failed to the bottom

I dont think i can fail no more

So hear i am

With a few words

not only this is a reminder to myself

But an announcement to others

Its my life

I am not gonna live very long

Let me do what i like

I rather live a life for myself

Than die pleasing others.


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