This video is done on special request for Yusor. She needed to know how to do a shimmy. But, i would just like to tell you guys i am not a pro dancer. I am learner mysef. Ever since i switched school of dance, i realised how many mistakes i have been making. I dont know if i should blame my ex teacher to have been so careless. But, i felt upset that man techniques she had been teaching me isnt right at all.

I didnt realise my snake arms was wrong. Until my teacher corrected me and told me how to break down each movement. When i started doing it, i realise it looks really like a snake arm. She really corrects all my movements. I even learn a tummy unduation. She would literally sit down with me and make me push my muscles. Every minute detail is taught.

I am glad i didnt continue with my previous classes. I cant imagine having to pay so much and coming out only to be embarassed that my techniques are not right or corrected. I just realised my journey of bellydancing will take a long time. And most importantly, the foundation has to be right. I am tempted to also get a private tutor to refine my steps.

It will probably cost a 500 a month. Its expensive. Very expensive compared to a class setting. But i guess i can save up. Its better than nothing. If i am going to learn something, i rather learn it thoroughly.

I was very tempted to take out all my videos on realising some mistakes. I dont want to teach anyone wrongly. A pro dancer can easily see through my mistakes. But i guess, one day i will be real good. It may take a few more years. But honestly, i dont care.


I am glad to see Chakky again. I guess i am a mother hen in this project too. I have to oversee some of the potential problems, so i always bring up possible side effects to certain ideas, I have nothing to say to this semester. Its really stressful. I have never written what i felt here on this blog. But i am emotionally dry and physically dying. I tempted to write a letter to whoever who organised this semester. I really hope they can understand that we are suffering. Please dont tell us, “if others can do it, we can too”. Not everyone is the same. I am yet to get over my bro’s death. I am waiting for the coming holidays to cry like hell for it. Please plan it with some humanity. Its not that we dont care about the course, we really want to do well. Please spread out the deadlines in such a way, we have ample time to give our best to our work. But then again, i am just here to study. I dont want to write a letter to someone up there, and he gets pissed and starts scrutinising me and making my poor life hell. Smtg like this happened to my sister in JC. Just because she decided to voice out something.

The world doesnt quite work this way FSV. We dont have deadlines everyday for work. Its been days since i sat with my family or rabbits. Its been days since i played xbox with my dad.

I guess i will tolerate as much as i can. I am not gonna write any letter to anyone. I am tired. I dont want you guys to pick on me. I seriously wanna graduate and just get married. Or i swear , i will marry while finishing this diploma lol.

Even that would be a sucky idea, co i bet my husband would divorce me cos i wouldnt have enough time for him. And god help me, if i get pregnant. I think me and my kid will die just finishing modules in FSV.


2 thoughts on “SHIMMY HOW TO VIDEO

  1. Hello Sabreena,
    Happy New Year 2008 !
    May this new year brings you and your love ones good health, sweet happiness and prosperity.
    I like what you do, this looks so easy and yet, so difficult when I try myself… Keep up dancing !
    Take Care,

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