ANGER/ art therapy with myself


Description: A gal burning in her own flames. The flames came from her. She is cold, naked and alone. She needs to run away. Escape from those flames. They are burning her. But she cant, it too late. It burning her all over.

2nd intrepretation: The blue represents the “coldness” she has within herself. The flames are melting it/ But she doesnt want that. She wants to run away. She is all alone. She is desperately looking for an escape route.

7 thoughts on “ANGER/ art therapy with myself

  1. 🙂 I didnt see that movie. But its amazing how art therapy or drawing out your emotions help. It works well with me. Especially when i was grieving over my brother. I managed to create this place where all the dead people go to. It makes me accept that he has gone somewhere else.

  2. I love it!

    I feel the second interpretation most. I see her being very upset, while everything else in her surroundings is going wild.

    I rarely add color to my “therapy” drawings, but after seeing this, I do believe I’ll give it a try.

    I too added a couple of drawings to my blog today, but of course, there’s a good amount of profanity… so it’s nowhere near as serious/mature as your post.
    I like your work!

  3. Hi, I would love to see your drawings? Do you have a URL to your blog?
    Adding color is a great choice…colors can represent what you feel.. i am able to control my feelings better after i drew them out in paper 😀

  4. Dear Sabreena

    I am glad to know that drawing helps you to feel better. I too draw as well, given my interest in anime and American animation (luv justice league, batman the animated series, howl’s moving castle etc). I hav e-mailed you a few emotion icons that u might like to 2 use for yr blog. I also hope that they make u happy. Enjoy and be happy always:)

  5. Wow, your observations were good!
    Not even I had thought about them until you mentioned them.

    One thing I did notice (I think it was thanks to something I read on your blog) is that I usually draw all my characters showing only their profile… and the meaning behind it is pretty acurate.

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