Non stop shimmy drills

Happy new year to all you people πŸ™‚ Well in this video i have continued with shimmy drills. Shimmy drills are a good practise for any bellydancer. And trying to shimmy with basic moves such as hip circles or figure eigths can really help you be a better dancer. Sometimes practising on your own can be pretty boring. Try challenging yourselves to a full song, where you would do nop stop shimmying.

History of shimmy

Maybe i can go on and talk about shimmy for people who are curious about this step. Shimmies originated from Africa. This step can be seen extensively on rain dances done by many africans. Shimmies are vibrations done by pushing the knees back and forth at a fast speed. There are many types of shimmying. There are shoulder shimmies, hip shimmies and even muscle shimmies. I have even heard of butt shimmies πŸ˜› American tribal dancers shimmy slightly different from others. They shimmy while bending. Whereas egyptian dancers, shimmy with their knees absolutely straight. Turkish too bend slightly while shimmying. There is no right or wrong in the way you shimmy. Here i am going to talk about the different effect each shimmy gives

Bending and shimmying

Done by most tribal dancers. There is more ease for some people. Shimmies look more bigger Hips goes up and down. We can call it loose shimmies. Some dancers bend all the way, the more you bend, the bigger your shimmies. Whereas some dancers do a slight bend. Personally, i like bending my knees a little, its easier for me.

Egyptian tight shimmies

Egyptian hip shimmies are really tight vibrations. They do not bend their knees at all while shimmying. The result is really tight vibrations. Its great for really fast drum beats. I do like doing this at times. But i still prefer bending a little πŸ˜›

Other types of shimmies?

There are many ways of doing this wonderful step. One famous one is when your entire body vibrates. I have often seen dancer Suhaila Salimpour do this. It is done by bending both your knees up and down very slightly. It becomes a vibration and your entire body shakes. I have done it in the above video at 01:45 sec. It is also known as the muscle shimmy.

Earthquake shimmy?

Yes its pretty similar to the eathquake shimmy EXCEPT its still different. Earthquake shimmies are executed by lifting and dropping your heels really fast. Remeber to wear a good bra when you do this, or it can look really very obscene.


Sounds funny doesnt it? This is one by twisting waist to the left, so your left hip is diagonally in frontΒ and the right hip is diagonally behind.Β  This step has been demonstarted by a very good dance teacher called cassiopeia

Thats actually an instruction of how to do it.

Shoulder shimmy

This is done by alternating the shoulders right and left. Some people mistake this to be shaking your breasts. If you keep doing that, your breasts are gonna be noodles. The mechanism is actually in your shoulders. Keep your shoulder loose. Push right shoulder in front while the left is diagonally behind and then push the left in front while right is diagonally behind.

Choo Choo Shimmy

This is done by tip toeing. You do a shimmy on tip toes.Β  A walking choo choo shimmy is demondtarted at 02.22 sec of my 1st video in this post

Brazillian shimmy or rotational shimmy

I have done this in one of my videos. I shall paste it here again. Rotational shimmies are tiny tiny Umis or hip circles done really fast.

Thats an instrcutional video by me. You have to make sure you get that tiny line on your tummy while shimmying. O yes! Thats my favorite shimmy. You can always finding me do that πŸ™‚

Heel shimmies

I dont know whats the real name. But this is my personal favorite. Initially i thought its something i created. But it is in the dance vocabulary. It is done by lifting and dropping one heel at a time..Hmmm looks like i would need to make an instructional video for this one too πŸ™‚

3 4 shimmies

Hmm this is a topic i shall zoom into when i do my next video. There are few ways of executing this shimmy. It done by sliding hips to a side, and lifting and dropping the other leg.Β 

A small note

I can go on with list of shimmies. There are many more like the ghawazee or samba shimmy. But when i thought of writing them down in words, it turned me off. Maybe i can explain better through videos. Shimmying should be left to your imagination. There is really no right or wrong. Even though some people prefer sticking to a certain genre of bellydance πŸ™‚ Shimmy drills should be creative. You can do almosy any step with a shimmy to it. Like what ive done in my video. Try and keep challenging yourselves. I am off for now. Do ask me questions if you have any πŸ™‚ Happy new year and happy shimmying πŸ˜€

References πŸ™‚

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