I am very honored to have been requested to give opinions on Mohan’s blog. . Just in case, if you are lost. This guy is coming up with three resolutions.

ª             To avoid falling in love
ª             To become incapable of falling in love
ª          To learn to be lonely.

He also believes love is more of a need. So, i am really happy to write my opinions about it.  😀 

I shall just address the post to Mohan then. I have a particular interest in this topic, so i am writing a whole post on it.

I had been just thinking abt the exact same thing you wrote today. Its really strange that we share similar opinions to a certain extent. I was thinking about all my past relationships. And analysed how much i was in love with one particular person, and then i learn to forget him and move on. And then i find myself madly having a crush on another. And then i learn to forget him. So love isnt forever? What if i lose the love over a person i marry.

Love is not only in marriage, but in family and friends as well. Have i fallen out of love with my sister. I dont seem to get along with her as i used too two years back. I agree that love isnt forever. This was something i learnt.

I had been deeply in love before. And at that point, i thought this was it! But now, i feel empty for that very person. So maybe what they show on romantic movies and novels are all fake. Maybe love has to be consistent. Once we break up, there is a higher chance of 4getting that person and moving on. Lets take an example of my parents, i cant say they get along well. But they stick to each other and i believe they love each other as well. Love is not about saying sweet nothings. Sometimes, love can between two siblings who fight all their lives.

You are absoutely right to say LOVE IS A NEED. I am not sure if you have watched the film castaway. I think thats the title. Its about a lonely man on an island who talks to a ball and calls it a friend. Human beings need human beings. It can be in the form of a life partner, parents, friends or siblings. I do disagree when you say that we can find a way to live alone. I think that would cause quite a problem to our psychological state.

Human beings are selfish. Love is not really that beautiful. Love is a need. We need to be loved or we need to love.

As for your 3rd resolution. Hmm. I am talking about love in a very general perspective. Love inculdes friends family and everyone. You can choose to remain single. Thats purely your opinion. But no human being can live without interactions.

After reading your post, i feel maybe you had been heartbroken before. And you rather choose to remain single. Well, i am somewhat your case. I am remainding single not because i am tired of love. I need a break. I need to settle some things. Love can be made to last 4ever. But it will never be in the form of sweet nothings. More on the form of care and concern. Its quite sad that people think of love as what Romeo and Juliet shared. That is a very unrealistic way to look at it.

 I hope you liked my opinions. Take care and thanks for commenting on my blog.

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