Figure 8 with shimmies video

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all of you. I am glad to recieve emails that you people appreciate this blog. In this video, i have done a figure 8 n a shimmy drill. I was not really impressed with the way my teacher was teaching this step. I have nothing against her. But i believe a dancer needs to visualise. I learned the idea of using “pens” from Rania. And it help me understand the figure 8 better.

Shimmy DRills

My next video is going to tackle shimmy drills. I have heard some dancers who finds it boring to practise on their own. Firstly, what is a shimmy drill. Shimmy drills are basically doing shimmies and combing other steps like snake arms, chest circles or undulations. It sounds hard. But practise makes perfect. I am going to play with a little creativity for those who are hanging out there.

Updates on this blog

Since this blog is really helping you, i have decided to write reviews on bellydancing stuff and maybe tips on makeup and costuming as well. Please do comment on what improvements you want. I would also love to put mp3s on this blog. Unfortunatly, wordpress doesnt allow me . If you need a song, do ask me. Do feel brave to put up a video response, so we can see how we are doing. It did help me alot as a dancer. 😀

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