Power rangers video

This video was done by me. There is a reason why i didnt post it from my id. I dont really like my dad’s side of relatives viewing my dance videos. I am not comfortable with them. Or really in good terms with them. But i love the after effects i did 4 this video. It was an inspration from the power rangers video some engineering students did.

Well all these are my cousins from my dad’s side. I love em all. All of them šŸ˜€ Such sweethearts. This is like a video 4 this people.

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7 thoughts on “Power rangers video

  1. hi shanu. i have read a few of yr blog entries and i must say u are certainly a very interesting and dynamic person:-)I like that you are passionate in what u do and keep at it even despite negative remarks from others. You go girl! And do drop me an e-mail if you have the time

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