Drum solo video with animation

The first part is a lame animation done by me. I had to play with after effects to practise 4 a test. I was desperate so i decided to do something simple for  my video. Rockets and planets have no relation with bellydance.

This video is something i uploaded again. I had to edit the video as my teacher wasnt too happy with the idea of sharing art. So, the rotation shimmy and drum solo demo is 4 all of you. Enjoy and practise and add it to your dance vocabalary.

Today, i sat down and read deeply about child art therapy. I had researched on it a long time back. I wanted to explore it deeper. I borrowed a book and read it. I decided to heal myself with art.

I sat down and drew whatever that came into my mind. I thought abt all the frustrations. Starting with the anger towards my ex, towards men in general. Towards liars. And i focused it all on my 1st piece of art. I gave the character a name and a story. I also thought about my brother as i drew. It looked very disturbing and scary. Like i am some sort of lunatic.

The 2nd picture was disturbing as well. A gal looking out of the window. I made it the same character. The sceneray outside is of a path with trees. Its all colorful. But herself and the room is black and white. I thought abt where those who passed on went to. I created this path that led to there.The window was the only barrier between my character and that world. That world is colorful.

The 3rd picture was of that world itself. All the lost people, animals and things now belongs to that world. The world is happy. No one dies. No ones disappears.

I will upload them soon on this blog. It looks scary and disturbing. But i feel happy. I feel like i created a world and put my bro in it. Its colorful and happy.

I thought abt stress in my school and drew a big black never ending hole which reflected the stress i was goinng through. Its never ending.

This art therapy helps. I know many people find it hard to believe it. Especially, my script 4 last sem was of this. It was a distubing story. I can bet my lecturer hated it. But i dont know why i wanted the script to talk abt this subject. I wanted people to know abt such a therapy. Even my photography teacher was freaked out by my story. Even i am.

I will continue to draw and make things to reflect whats in my heart. And dancing helps me alot as well. My holidays started. I will start my personal research on drum solos and upload videos about it and write about it. Do keep reading this blog. Take care


2 thoughts on “Drum solo video with animation

  1. I know exactly what you mean! I’ve been doing the same thing since… I was a kid, really. I started keeping a sketch journal when I entered high school and I’ve been doing it ever since. It really helps. Definitely.
    That being said, I drew something eerily similar to what you described as drawing 2, except I didn’t add color.
    I think it’s funny to bump into someone from so far away and find things in common (except I wish I were good at belly dancing. That, I can’t do for the life of me!).

    I’m so glad I’ve kept visiting your blog. You always have something I can relate to (or at least take into consideration and think about it for a while).

  2. thanks alot anomalie
    i have also decided to keep track of my art. It helped me so much. Today, i woke up and felt satified…in a weird way…i felt my drawings haf magic…like i created a magical place where i put my brother…it kind of restored peace back onto my heart…you should read more on art therapy…i will write more about it 😀

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