I am down with conjunctvitis. Sorry i cant pronounce that word. I perfer to call it bacterial eye infection. Please pardon me, i am an indian. lol. I am totally depressed that i am on MC. I missed two tests. I have many tests next week. I was so upset i decided to dance. I have an upcmoing performance. I am very bored of dancing to sahra saidi. So i have decided to come up with a new choreography. This choreography is inspired by a dancer by the name of amirafromsamadhi. She is a tribal bellydancer. But i really fell in love with her moves.

I first saw her performance a few months back. I loved the music she used. Raquy and the caveman. I told myself i shall dance to it one day. Today, i finally bought the mp3s online. I used some of her moves and mixed it with a few i knew. I hope i would be ready by the time i perform.

Thanks youtube people

I dont know many of them. In fact, i hardly know anyone. But i am very grateful they leave me comments to tell me where i should work on. Espcially fellow dancers. I find taking videos of myself reflects my mistakes. This is one way to learn. Openly recieving comments makes you a better dancer. Maybe my real gurus and teachers are the youtube people. Its funny and strange. Not only are they encouraging, they tell you clearly your bad points. And i try to work on them.

My life..

Staying few days at home is hell. I remmeber my brother. And coming to terms with the reality is very very painful. I cry sometimes. I see him in my dreams. I know ive not been praying properly lately. And i fear maybe my bro is not having a good time. He means so much to me. I pray that God will protect him from the punishment of the grave. My life isnt really very entertaining, There is school, projects, work and my dance. Dance is the only thing that keeps me alive. Ive been spending quite some money on it. And i am gonna share whatever knowledge i learn. I cant be selfish about it. Nor am i gonna sell it.

The movie

Its worrying me. I hope everything works out this weekend. I hope Keenan would be prepared. And i really hope he manages to talk like an arab. I hope the costume would be ready. I hope it doesnt rain. I hope Shu hui makes it. I hope everything goes as planned. And i hope it realy looks good on screen. This film means alot to me. This is the 1st time i am getting professional with equipment. And i forking out some cash. I am also planning to make some cookies again to feed my darling casts. Sometimes i shld thank the casts for spending time and effort for me. They dont get paid. Bt if i ever become a director, i will call them and this time pay them 😀 i am already beginning to have some favorite casts. I like using them. I love the way they act. They are easy to work with. They suit the film. I really want to use them in the future. Even if i am going to be an indian movie director, dont be suprised to see multi racial casts. 😀

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