Directed by : Sabreena Eugene and Dhuha

This project is finally done. To be honest, we had alot of problems making it. We screwed up many connecting shots. And i was very frightened at the state of all of us. I turned it into a music video. Eugene didnt have much to say. I pitied him the most. He worked very hard. The song was done by me at around 3am in the morning. The lyrics and everything else was pretty much rushed. I even planned to use the voice of my mother. In a way, its good we screwed up. Our project is very unique and certainly doesnt embrace cliche.

We have to thank Dhuha for stylising the video. I didnt know that the age gap mattered until i worked with them. Dhuha’s interests, the way she thinks is a totaly different wavelength, I guess she probably thinks i am a naggy old lady. I wish i could sit down and talk to her and explain why i am so serious sometimes. It must have been hell working with us. 2 extremely boring people. It reminded me of what we learnt in psychology. Jargon. She was talking about tv shows, music videos. I could not find a common ground to tap and make a conversation with her. Most of our conversation were about the project.

I guess its hard for me toadapt. I dont expect anyone to be serious about work as i and eugene are. We had already been working outside. And its hard for us not to be serious. I guess its the same with them. Dhuha did help us alot in stylizing the video. Even though a part of me is frightened that she probably thinks i am extremly ancient and naggy 🙂

But i am glad its finally done and over with. As for our new mockumentary, we are going to be really professional about it. I am even in god’s grace going to purchase a camcorder. We have gotten audio equipment set up. We have adrian for after effects. Keenan’s mad brains for ideas.  Costumes. Ian’s great paperwork skills. We need more people. Working with the new kids, i realise they all have special talents.

They may be alot quieter than my older class. But i cant deny that they are talented. If i were to choose a crew, i think i wouldnt have a problem.

Andrian, james jacky – after effects

Shu hui, liqing, joshua, keenan, Bryan, kelvin – acting skills

Ben – animation

Fotoshop- Michael, lyonn Dhuha and Diana

Costume- Jen

Jonathan- anytg technical, a great encyclopedia on the set

Ray and Keenan – aboslutely anti cliche ideas

Editing – Joshua

Eugene and ian – stable minds, they can keep crazy minds like me stable on the set

I really cant think of anymore. I am sure i missed alot of them in the above list. For now, its andrian, ian,Ray, shu hui and keenan who are working with me for the mockumentary. I want more talented indivisuals to help. This could be just your port folio. Lets just put aside main road ideas, screw the rules and do something entirely away from cliche.

Our shooting would start in God’s grace next weekend. Those who are interested contact me

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