A sound experiment film by me and ray

Starring – Ryan ingrassia, ray, ben, Bryan, liqing, jacky, joshua, eugene and shu hui

Directed by- Sabreena and Ray

Well this is just an experiment me and ray carried on sound. We played with loud sounds, soft sounds, infidelity and all type of other sounds. It took us almost two months to do up everything. I personally like this the most among all the crazy videos or films i made. I love sound. This tiny film was very well loved by my friends in Germany, Indonesia and singapore as well. Strange that people like random ideas. I have to thank Ryan for helping us alot. I dont think this would have been possible without him. When i imagined the role of the eveeeel teacher, i saw him in my mind. If it was acted by someone else i dont think it would be this nice. Everyone loved his “you stupid noob” diaolouge.Β  πŸ™‚

Strangely the cast tend to enhance the characters better. Ryan was just supose to be a heartless teacher. But he changed the character into a psychotic one that loves scolding. Jacky was never supposed to slap shu hui. But he did in the actual take. And we liked it so much, we decided to keep it that way.

Originally the fan wasnt suppose to move or talk. But i managed to animate it with a string. The initial music video of the film was very very sucky and messy. During the final days, we suddenly edited a new one which matched our idea.

The red mark on Ryan’s face was $1 lipstick. And we had a great time washing it off. Ryan went off home looking like a red lobster.

Ray is the one who speaks for the fan. She is very embarrased by it. But she did a great job. Initially, its her fan that was supposed to star for this film. But since the shots corrupted in the last few days, my fan starred in this film. Seeing the string attached to the neck of the fan, my dad thought the fan was attempting sucide.

Wendy wee seemed to have liked our randomness. We really dont like cliche. Maybe weird videos like this would be the latest styles for movies. I love working with Ray. She is never cliche. If you tell us to walk right, we will walk left. If you tell us to say yes, we will say no. Ray is cool and crazy and absolutely random.

One more juicy detail, this story was born during an mrt ride to school. And it became into being thanks to the lovely casts. Thanks alot all for contributing!

Sabreena πŸ™‚

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