When Art becomes business

Thats my dance at my school in front of muttons of the midnight. I think i gave the best i could. I smiled alot. I didnt freeze, forget any step. I guess the more you perform the more comfortable you would be in dancing in public. When i am dancing alone, i tend to smile less cos i am only dancing in front of a camera. I guess my motivation is my audience. Enjoy!

Well i guess some of you who had been tuning in to my blog would be very sad that some of these videos are gone. Well, my teacher didnt quite like the idea of me putting up videos of fellow dancers. I cant blame them. I should have seek proper permission. But it was something naive i didnt had any intention to do any harm. Two of the video techniques too had been removed. Well i still cant blame anyone as she claims its her techniques.

I had to reflect about something which had been in my mind for a very long time. I respect the line of teaching very much. When i was a kid, i used to observe teachers who would call students “stupid” just because they couldnt get a math problem right. I have touched this topic before on my blog. Whatever you say to a child really matters to him or her. So when i became a teacher, i was very careful with my students. Even if they are in the “Wanted” list in the teachers room. To me, i respect art alot. Its in my blood. Its in every malayalee. But for one moment, i thought to myself, art has been passed down over many generations. And its alive because it has been passed on, taught over and over again. Can art be copyrighted? Films are different totally. Copying an idea or a storyline can be considered infringing copy right. But can a special camera angle or movement be considered copyright?

I believe when we start teaching we should let it all flow free. Let everyone see and learn and spread the art everywhere you see, so it wont die. Like look whats happening in Egypt? Egypt claims that zills are boring. Lesser and lesser dancers are doing zills. That move is in great peril of being wiped out.

I guess this is just my opinion. I usually learn from observation. From hearing and seeing. So i take videos. I guess a teacher should let a student learn in whatever method he or she likes. A teacher should never be the obstacle of learning. But then again, who am i to say that? She might just be very uncomfortable at the idea. It really is up to the individual. Art to me cant be copyrighted. Its meant to be imitated, innovated and spread around to keep it alive. Bellydance has alot of misconceptions around it. Isnt this an opportunity to let everyone know its the most feminine art?

I cant help but say i am a little hurt. I am not writing this to hurt anyone. This is only my opinion. And i need a place to throw it out and this is it. I make a promise to myself, if i ever were to teach, i would let it open all free like i do in my videos. Maybe its my nature. Recieving all the msgs from women has only made me happy, that somewhere in the world someone is learning and benifiting from it.

I will tell all you girls one thing. You do not need the best teacher to teach you. As long as you have the determination to learn, you will be the best you can be. I always thought a teacher matters. But what matters more is the individual. The fiery passion to learn.

I will continue my journey of learning this art form even if it takes a thousand obstacles. I am planning to visit my friend in egypt and take some workshops there and i promise to share it.

Talking about teachers, i respect my audio lecturer the most. When this incdient happened, i couldnt help remmebering my audio lecturer. We wanted to record a very soft dailing tone and i remmebered how my lecturer sacrificed his lunch time. Even when we gaf up the idea nd told him its impossible. He kept changing the mics until he managed to record the sound. Now to me, thats a true teacher. Selfless just to make sure the student learns no matter what it takes. I have seen many teachers who say they are busy or just cant be bothered for the extra time and effort. Thats why i nominated him. I appreciate him alot more after this incident. He never feels tired of explaining and re explaining what we dont understand. He is so passionate about audio that he practically drowns us with knowledge. Its hard to fine true teachers like him. And i hope our radio ad will be a super sucess.

Sucess tastes more sweet when there are obstacles. Like the shooting for my school project, we screwed it up big time. I could see the pain in Eugene’s face. I didnt want to gif up and hurt the old guy. I could only rely on my creativity and i did something extremely unique. I will upload that soon. I could have given up and handed up a crappy project. But take risks people. Life is a gamble. If you are gonna be cliche, then you would never make it in movie business. I dont know and i dont care if my lecturer doesnt like the idea. What matters is, i tried. That goes for everything, even dancing. I hope this blog is an inspiration to all of you who are dying to learn.

Again no name has been mentioned in this blog, and no one knows where i am learning from. So your privacy is protected. This is just a venue where i throw what i feel. And its only what i think. I have nothing against anyone. I hope you understand. And this might in turn be a positive feedback for you. 🙂

8 thoughts on “When Art becomes business

  1. Hey sabreena- dhuha here.
    I’ve been sitting at home and thinking about the projects that we’ve either finished or are about to finish and realised that I was extremely short-tempered with you.

    I’d like to apologise for that, really, because my week was a crappy week as my mum just left for a religious pilgrimage (for a month) and it was hard adjusting to the abrupt shift at home. Although, there were times where I disagreed a lot with some of your ideas, i’d like to thank you for your patience in dealing with me.

    hey! me managed to do a decent job for socpsy and i’m sure our music vid is gonna be cool. thanks to you and eugene for staying back so many hours to edit the vid- i know i contributed the less in the pre and post production and once again i apologise.

    anyway, i saw the vid for your bellydance routine and it was kick-ass cool. i’m glad that you’ve found passion for something in life and i hope you’ll just get better and better at it.


  2. Thanks alot dhuha, its has been a terrible terrible week. I am just rushing the projects sometimes to make sure we gif the best. A project might be small, but a school is the best place to experiment. Cos when we work in the future, we dont have luxury to do this 🙂

  3. I just realised that there were so many freaking typos in my comment.
    Being the english-freak that I am, I can’t help editing them

    *we not me (third para)
    *least not less (third para)

    yeah.school is the place where we can screw up our projects and learn from our mistakes ;D speaking of projects, how is our locpro vid?

  4. i had to stay bk till 9.30 to do up subtitles. Keenan is the 1st to view it. im nt sure if u know him. he loved it so much. 3 dvfx students too watched it n loved it. I asked an hour extention cos i want to perfect it by adding foley. So on monday foley, last subtitle will be added.And a little bit of tidying up esp. the “nooo” part and then we are done. Do look up for hitting and banging sound at freesound.com. Whatever that works, will be used in the project.

  5. so you did subtitles in the end?
    thanks sabreena for all the dedication to the project.

    thank you!
    cant wait to see (and edit the final part) tomoro!

  6. I believe in one thing dhuha we have to be unique…its a good thing we screwed up cos now we are a square among the circles…i hate cliche.. so in whatever bad theres smtg good 🙂

  7. Interesting performance though the video jammed a lot. I think I should take belly dance course in Jan so that soon I can dance with you.

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