Difference between indian dance and Belly dance

This is a question many people ask me. As an indian, i can clearly see that indian dances has a strong foundation of bellydance. They have the hip drops, hip circles, shoulder shimmies and chest drops. In fact they have everything! Even floorwork. But they just do it differently.

The grand question is, Is there something called indian bellydance?

Would i be wrong to say, NO. Indian dance is not really bellydance. Bellydance understands the music and the body moves according to the music. Indian dance revolves around expressions. Even in modern film dances, the expressions are very strong along with the hip movements. Its almost like gothic bellydance.

So whats the difference?

As i have explained in the video, Indian music and middleastern music is very different. The drums of arabia goes. TAK TAK, The sounds are sharp and sudden. Whereas in india, the tabla sounds “DUNG DUNG”. The sound is less sharper to the ears. The idea of dance or bellydance is following and understanding the music. This is one possibility for arabic dance and indian dance to be soooo similar yet very different!

Another possibility is because the arabs ruled india for some time. And there is high chance of spreading some bellydance around india. Bellydance is danced by males females and children in the middleast. Its strange that even today indian movie male stars shake their hips. Even though, you dont see many doing it. But go observe all the indian movies, you can actually see many males doing hip movements. Obviously, the manly way!

That bloated stomach is result of having KFC. Lol. I had stayed away from fast food for many months. But having it again is really a bad idea. My stomach is very sensitive to garvabe and junk. And my sister kept reminding me how chemical the food is. Eating experience sucked all the way. And dancing with a full stomach is a NO NO!  Well i have a question? KFC tasted yummier when i was younger. Is it my imagination that KFC is not yummy anymore or as the taste become boring…Now this yummy topic should be saved as a different post. Anyways, all fast food is bad food!

As for the dance, its not choreographed. Its crappy dancing. Lol

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