Hafla bellydance party!!!

Well, i have mentioned hafla in this blog before. Now you can see a real HAFLA. Its a circle of dancers dancing towards each other! This is the 1st time i am entering this club. I had been busy with my rehearsals. I might be performing on the 15 dec as well.

Today we touched more on veil dancing with a choreography. The song is called Sidonya’s veil. I couldnt get hold of it. So i am planning to redo  choreography for a differnt song. I am also eying on a floorwork DVD to learn and practise some style. I am pretty impatient to wait till my teacher officially teaches me. So i am deciding to get a DVD to guide me through.

As for the auditions, i cant really say it went well. I screwed up 3 steps but it wasnt too obvious. I was taken aback at how the seniors were blushing. A fear crept into my heart cos i thought they would label bellydance as sexual and totally dismiss it. I wish i had told them a bit about the history before dancing. Or the worst case, the school might think the whole art is obscene. Now, i am being paranoid!  I had dress as conservative as i can so i can display the art in the most correct manner. But seeing them blush and giggle, i forgot 3 steps but managed not to make it too obvious. Singapore really hasnt seen bellydance before.

When i started shouder shimmying, my breasts s tsratedto shake. But i guess it looks obscene to someone who has never seen bellydancing before. It makes it even more important that i introduce this art to them so they would know how great it really is! I was very conscious of myself halfway through the dance. I really hope if i ever get to perform in this school, the audience will not look at it as dirty dancing. It really isnt dirty dancing. Its such a lively beautiful art that any age or gender can do! Well lets see if i make it through. Well seeing me in “Live” must be much more obscene than youtube. I just figured it out on the auditions. Its very sad actually.

One of my friend’s friend needed a bellydancer for this arab club or restuarant. My friend wanted to recommend me. But after hearing the requirements, she dropped the whole matter. It seems the owner of the club has a very very horrible idea of bellydance. If i were to take this up, i must be dressed skimiply, wear a face veil and seduce the guys with my eyes. And if i get lucky some rich asshole might pay me tips! This is the 1st time im swearing in my blog. WHAT THE HELL!!!!!

Bellydance isnt for seduction. Please. Get a life! I dont wanna take the touble to tell him the history. I guess some modern bellydancers themself think its an art for seduction. They do stupid things in clubs. Its sad! Really sad.

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