Bellydancing at cityhall

This is my short performanc for my bellydance sisters and my teacher. Its like a rehearsal for ur big day at Sembawang CC. I will be doing a solo performance to a drum solo on 24th November at around 8pm. So all are welcome to Sembwang community center. I really had no escape from smiling cos my teacher was scrutinizing me. So i smiled. I decided to give up the veils not only for the performance at sembwang but as well as at the FMS carnival. I am not such of an expert in it yet. So i will be only dancing for Sahra saidi.

This is a video of the senior citizens bellydance rehearsal. There is a 70 year old dancer wh went all the way to turkey, I have alot of respect for that lady. She took up bellydancing a year back. And i must say, she is very good. Her main speciality seems to be at cane dancing.

I had a good time exchanging choreogrpahies with all of them. I am interested in joining the club. They will be holding a hafla on 15 december. A hafla is like a circle of dancers…one dancer dances to the middle of the ring and then dances toward anyone in the circle and pulls her in. Its really fun and beautiful and it helps train us better.

To be honest, i am more of a self taught dancer. I initially started with dvds and observing ther dancers. I am joining classes officially as an aid for my dancing. For an example, i was never able to do Barrel turns(the one with the veils) until my teacher told me to focus on the floor. I believe its very important that we not only learn from a class, bt from dvds, observation, fellow dancers as well đŸ™‚

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