Veil Bellydancing and a performance

We touched on veil today.

We learnt 5 techniques. I have covered them all on video.

-Love letter, whirlpool, around the world, butterfly and godess.

I am also doing as many practises for 2 upcoming performance. One would be the FMS carnival and the other would be at sembawang CC, my teacher told me i can do a solo performance. Isnt that cool? 😀 I am excited. I will be practising at citylink at cityhall mrt station where you can see many others practising 😀 I will be there, wednesday at 7pm. I shuld be ready with my drum solo by wed. I was too shy to show her my backbend. That i would secretly display at the carnvial. 🙂

I am thinking of bringing a yoga mat and doing my backbend on it for the actual performance. I really dont want to risk injury for my knees. Veil bellydancing helps build strength in your arms. The chiffon material was too light and slippery. I needed to get used to it. And i still need to.

The song i danced to is “AAHAT” by bellydance superstars.

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