Taking part in FMS carnival

Okay. Its strange. But i am in it. Mainly because of the encouragement from my teacher. I do not really have stage fright. But i dont smile that much. I told her its because i am doing it in a class. But she told me to do a few public performances to get over the fear and be used to it. I dont really like telling anyone this, cos i am scared i will screw things up. What if i fall down? And if my clothes drop off. Its bad enough that people think of this dance as something to do with sex. What if i get banned? I got myself a new costume cos the older one is really uncomfy to dance in. And i cant do a backbend in it. This one, i am securing it real well, so even if something drops off, i am not nude.

I wanted this as an opportunity to let people see how beautiful this is. I sound like an artsy fartsy person. But really, bellydance never stops amazing me. I am starting on veils. Its so beautiful, like you are flying. I am trying to master the windmill turn so people can see how nice it is.

My attire is going to be conservative. I dont want people to see this art in a wrong way. I will be doing a drum solo and veil dance (if i am really performing). In a way, this dance helps me through this semester. I dance when i am pissed or frustrated. 3d com graphics is scaring me. I feel so handicapped in it. I feel so shy asking questions being older than the rest. The kids are gooood. I am forcing myself to practise. Mr.Liswanto is a nice teacher. But i dont want to keep making myself small or look like a bimbo. I have to make effort somehow. This is the 1st time i think i am writing about school.

I love challenges, And overcoming them. But i am very frightened. I really want to graduate in time.

I am also practising dance like crazy everyday. I have lost half a kilo. Lol. Its that vigourous.


I bought a dvd from ebay, excellent one that helps ur drum solos. Let me attach a picture.

Its true. After this Dvd, ur drum solos will never be the same again. The lady’s cute english is soooo cute that  u will love her. She uses please for everything, making u adore her presence.  The dvd is 2 hrs and 15 mins. WORTH UR MONEY! Buy it, 🙂

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