Hello again. I am back this time with a drum solo. I remmeber a girl by the name of Allysa requesting for a drum solo. I also must thank Carly again for all that support! This goes to you as well. I have to thank cassiopeia for helping many women out there. I practise what we call a windmill turn in bellydance with a useless shawl. I am hoping if cassiopeia can tell me my mistakes in it. Cos i cant get my bellydance teacher to help me yet, cos i will be only seeing her next week. And Cassiopeia is a very knowledgable dancr 😀

Emotionally down…

Apart from using this blog for bellydance. I use it to express my emotions and feelings as well. I am feeling down mainly because i lost my temper very badly yesterday. I have a bad temper. Espcially lately ever since i lost my brother. I seem to be using it as a way to vent my frustrations. Not to mention, yesterday was my first day of my period. So i met a freind Ateeq. I guess i can call him a friend. I didnt quite lke the way he behaved with me yesterday. I think you know what i mean! I can respect friends. But not people who act funny.

So, he saw the terrible side of me. He pissed me off so bad, He got it back so bad. And he was sick and all. I just left cos i was frustrated. Today i reflected back at my bad behaviour. It was still mean of me to be pissed off at a guy who was quite sick. Even though, his intentions werent that great. So, i just said sorry to him. N he did 4gave me. But i am glad about one thing. I know i have changed. I remmebered the last time  a guy acted funny towards me. And i froze. This time it didnt happen. Its not that ateeq was molestng me. Just acting weird. But he got it back so bad. So, there is somethng good in something bad. Atleast, i dont freeze anymore when people act funny 😀 But still i shouldnt have been very mean to Ateeq. I just cant tolerate people who think of me as someone they can have fun with, when i am a person who realy hold on to my morals and culture strongly! I did make it clear to Ateeq that he is a friend!  I just feel guilty cause that guy became a victim of my wrath. And he didnt react back. He just gave a sad blank face!

I still dont understand flings. Or people who go for short term relationships. I rather marry and settle down. I dont know about trusting anyone in love yet. Cos, i am kind of scared and all after one terrible experience. Love is a big responsibility. Not just kissing and hugging and hanging around. Its about taking care and being taken care. I have too many typos here and i am NOT GONNA REVVIEW THEM. lol. Too tired…. argh

Oh ya, sorry ateeq 4 being evil. I am really not that sort of woman.

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  1. Hello!

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