Finally, i have dedicated this dance to my favorite singer. And this is an experiment to play zills to a guitar piece. The beat is obviously altered to fit his music. R-RLR-R-RLR

R standing for Right and L standing for left. I can see my mistakes clearly. A video record does help to show the mistakes you make. I love this particular song alot and i wish to learn how to play it on my guitar.

I have gone through tips for zills. Its always good to keep practising, the more we practise the better we would be. Its always good to make sure the tradition of zills never leave the world of bellydance. Its considered old fashioned in the middleast. So, i hope more bellydancers keep up this tradition of playing to their own music.

I attempted backbends again. Ouch! I am so used to it. I finally realised this is the correct way of executing one(i hope). The impact is on the back. I did hide a towel where my knees were. But the floor cause some friction in the front part of my feet. It hurts cos i think i scraped my skin. I was lazy to protect myself. And it looks less obscene than my previous backbend attempt. Gosh, it looks much better in a skirt. I didnt quite realize pants isnt a good idea.

The last portion i showed my rabbit. Her name is Zills and Lisa as well. She likes the song “sad lisa” by Cat stevens. She is a lop ear.

Just in case if you are curious, the makeup on the pictures were done by my friend (more of a sis) SHIRIN REI 😀



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