Bellydancing -Finally reaching my target audience

I am so happy today morning when i recieved a comment in wordpress from a lady called Carly saying that these videos helped her alot. I had been feeling extremely down thinking if it was all a good idea after all. Even though i wanted to keep a video record of all the steps so i can always refer back even if i forget. Keeping it up on the net is more safer than my comp, that could crash and i lose all the info. 🙂

I am starting my next level today. I am quite excited. We are going to use veils and hopefully zills. I have been practising my zills quite hard lately.


I am no expert on zills. But this is what i noticed

Currently for the Cat Stevens music, the zills beat would be RLR-R-RLR.

1)WALK WITH IT –Dont immeditaely try dancing while playing the beat, you will probably cry cos you wont be suceeding unless you are a pro. Walk with it and listen to the song while you try playing. Hopefully try drowning in the music and see how zills enhance it futher 🙂

2) Practise your choreography

Understand your choreography without zills. Learn it by heart. Then slowly add zills to each step. I break my choreography to 4 parts. Entrance, middle portion, exit 4 an example. Practise for each part.

3) Understand the music

A good zill player always understands the music she is playing to. Listen to the music and what kind of beat can be used for the music. I try t listen to the drums to see what kind of beat will suit.


Most people love bellydancers who play zills. But not throughout the song. Its important to pause and certain points and continue zilling, so it sounds good to the ears.

5) Dont hate your zills

I have come across dancers who begin hating their zills just because they find it hard to play. You have to become good friends with your zills.  I learnt from a lady once that you have to use zills as a basic dancer, or you would find it very difficlut to add zills when you advanc in your steps.

Zills is slowly fading from the middleast. American bellydancers are holding on to this tradition of zilling which is very good. I find zills really a  beautiful element to add on to your dance. And its great in helping you multitask, and the good news is


Training with my zills, helped me use my left hand more often. Now i train myself in writing with my left as well. So i can play zills real well. It does help. Why waste the left hand when you have it?

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