BELLY ROLLS!!! ZILLS AND MY LESSON 4/ updating my life again

After a long time, i finally have mustered courage to post a belly roll video. And i was too lazy to practise. But i guess belly rolls can only be mastered by making friends with your stomach muscle. I still am not in good terms with my lower muscles.


I am covering chest drop, chest circle, 3 step turn, normal turn, pivot turn,

You can try them step by step.


I have a way of naming all my tools, as i mentioned in my previous blog entry i named them zohra and zia. Yes they are twins! I dont know who is who by the way! I didnt have enough practise. I decided to use zills in the last minute. If you listen carefully you will notice many mistakes.


Beledi is arabic means City. So this is a city a beat lol 🙂 It sound like



R -right, L- left.

This is a very famous zill rhytmn. The one i used in my previous video is I can dance- i can dance- i can really really dance. Its always better you say the words by heart while u play, you can keep to the rhythm.


 3 step turn chest drop drop lift lift x 2

normal turn

pivot turn

rib circle


bicycle hip

shimmy to one side, shimmy to another



Ever since sundari passed away, panda is all alone. And lately he shows signs of middle ear infection which is worrying the hell out of me. I am still quite devastated over sundari’s demise. Maybe i sound childish. But these kiddies mean the world to me. I cant bear to see them leave me. I am also beginning to develop a fear of lonliness if panda were to leave me as well. i have lived all my life near rabbits. I understood death and birth from these buns. I never had my relatives near me, never felt a real human die. This animals mean alot to me. I realized yday that there are actually rabbit savy pets in singapore. I hope to throw money at them and not at some useless vets.

Observation on people

I am still quite fascinated at the idea that zodiac signs could be actually like archetypes in psychology. How come 2 people from the same zodiac share smiliarities or obvious traits? It still fascinates me , cos i dont believe that people can actually be generalized. Then again, when i read about love compatibility i really want to laugh my head off at what some zodiac gurus say. Since my ex and i were very compaitible according to them, and he was a number one jerk? How much can you actually trust these sources?

All i learnt is that our mind is really powerful and so is our body. We can do miracles. But we simply dont believe. And belief is the only root to power. Strange world isnt it? Try observing people born in same dates…you will be as astounded as i am 😀

2 thoughts on “BELLY ROLLS!!! ZILLS AND MY LESSON 4/ updating my life again

  1. Hi shiela
    🙂 You manage to get a roll on your uppper abdomen right…you will haf to push it down below…or by blowing out the lower stomach muscles….let me find you a video that might help you

    this might be useful for you

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