Drum solo belly dance by me :D

This is the first time i am doing a drum solo. Thanks to help and motivation from my friend Yesil in particular.

Drum solos

They are basically moving your hip according to the drum beats. It accentutaes your movements alot. I also realise that basic techniques can have many variations and it also depends on how creative you are. The more you practise the more flexible you tend to be.

My belly dance costume



The hip belt

Necklace :O


Choreography(This is my choreography mixed with bellydance superrstars ANSUYA’s choreography)

1)Hip drop kick turn around

2)Hip drop kick front/ back- shoulder shimmy X 2

3)Shimmy to shoulder to hip and back to shoulder

4)Shoulder shimmy with a tuck

5)Hip shimmy lean back and then shimmy shoulder

6)Sholder shimmy towards right and tuck

7)Figure 8 and tuck

8)Omi tuck

9)Shoulder shimmy to hip to shoulder to hip and tuck

10) Sideways hip and tuck to beats

11)Chest drop lift drop lift

12)omi tuck

13)pulses shimmy

14)Lean back with shimmy -half big circle and shimmy X 3

15)washing machine shimmy

16) spin and shoulder shimmy X 2

17Bicycle hip and tuck X 2

18) omi tuck

19)omi to rib circle to omi to rib circle

20)Face sideways and bicycle hip X 2

21)omi to chest drop to omi to chest drop

22) hip tuck ( i call that action that)

23) choo choos with side shimmy and big circles

24) hip slide to the side X 2 and POSE 😀

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One thought on “Drum solo belly dance by me :D

  1. Hi! I’ve been trying to find a costume..yours looks really great on you. Where did you get it? btw, feel free to check out my dance blog.

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