Well, this is the first time i took atleast two days to properly choreograph this dance. And i sprained myself dancing cos i was trying to perfect my rib circles. I think i did this dance atleast 10 times before posting this video. Its like when i do it over and over again, i realise i become too tired and my dance lack energy and expression.

Music and the importance of it in BELLYDANCE

This is a lesson i learnt lately. Music. Bellydance is the only dance where you understand your body and move it according and very precisely to the music you hear. A good bellydancer will do that. Understand and feel and move according to the beats. And each time a drum “taks” and your hip shakes according to this “tak” sound, you cause a good impact. I also realise isolation is very important. Each movement is precise. One of this bellydancers told me she practised her rib circles 3 hours a day. I was shocked. I have no probs doing it, i always thought i dont need practise. But after hearing what she said, i decided to take all these steps seriously and began practising my rib circles. Making it move fster and slower according to the beat.

American bellydance

This is a dance that originated in northen california. It has alot of indian influence. Seeing their costumes reminded me of those women in india who danced with pots. The folk dancers. The costumes are considered gypsy type in india. And it isnt exactly pretty. I believe it has alot of southern indian influence. What i admire is their isolation. They NEVER move the whole body together. Its always one part, and then another. Example, hip, then ribs, then shoulder and then head. It looks great to me.

Egyptian bellydance

The most original form of bellydance. This has alot of fluid movements. They outlawed the floor works, where suddenly the dancer does a backbend. Personally, i feel its not my type as its really flowly.

Turkish belydance

This is my obsession. The turkish drum solos. How much they shake and move their body according to each drum beat. I have decided after my course in classic egyptian bellydance, i will take a short course for turkish drum solos and hopefully end up in turkey and marry Tarkan. 🙂

My new costume

I saw this bra set in thie place (I AM NOT TELLING YOU) its only 100 buck. (I AM NOT GONNA EVER TELL YOU) Its marvellous egyptian style and its SOOOO CHEAP!!!!. YES IT IS. Compared to the 400 and 800 buck costumes. Basically its a bra. And its golden. And it will suit my brown skin. And after i purchase it, i might have to get this turkish tailor guy to sew sleeves and get me a suitable skirt. I wanna have gypsy sleeves. Cos i cant dance in a bra, maybe for my husband! And i think the bra is full cup (hopefully). If its half cup, i will get the guy to cover the upper part and make it a full. I will only purchase this if i get a job (aNY JOB!!) So i can pay up for all the extra bellydance workshops i wish to enrol in the near future. I really think 100 bucks is expensive. I am not a spendrift. But comparitively to other rpices, this is mad. If i invest now, i dont have to buy the expensive ones. This is in gold man gold!!

The turkish tailor i met is a professional. Cos i just told him that i want a costume in red. I was testing him to see if he knows his trade well. He immediatly told me Gold. Even though the red was more expenive, instead of chucking the costume, he cared for his customer and said i should take gold. And a good tailor or costume designer always knows what colors suit his customer. Therefore, i respect him.

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