A mockumentary Film on Singapore by Florian and Me.



 Slept on the road

The highlight of this whole adventure was that, we slept outside a restuarnt which luckily had sofas, cos we ran out of money for a cab to get home or get into a hotel. Therefore we made this restuarant our humble home. And we ate breakfast without brushing our teeth. It was yummy.

Well, this is the film. I hope i dont get into trouble for it. I must admit Florian is an excellent actor. I really enjoyed the two whole days with him. Even though, Sundari’s death was very very painful, it seems God sent florian over and these two days were crazy fun.

Florian is a mirror image…or a twin of mine. We behave excatly alike. From rubbing our chins when we are deep in thought, to our idealogies and taste in food and music. We are like mirror images.

I never laughed this much. We didnt get sleep. But we had lots of food. And i am so worried Flo is going to make me fat. I guess i have to exercise all the excess fats off.

I wanted this film as natural as possible, as if its a true life account. And that was the main reason why i kind of wanted the cam rather shakey, and the background noise. It makes it feel like REAL. The whole thing was natural. Most of it were our own conversations and what we thought at that moment.

Apart from all that, i was happy with Florian. It was like we had so much fun. Like we were kids once again. Its so good to have a pal sometimes. Soemone you can lean and cry to. And i am glad i have him for that.

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