My daughter is no more..

I am here to write that my baby sundari has passed away a few minutes earlier. I have really nothing to say. She was a brave rabbit. And tonight she taught me a lesson, that even though she appears to be a “scardey cat”, she might have been alot braver than her sister Xena. She proved that to all of us. She always wanted to be as good as Xena. I told her slowly that she is better. She fought death once and survuved a disease that Singaporean vets claimed there isnt a cure. She fought the same disease Xena passed away from. And she survived.

I told her she is a warrior. Not a scaredy rabbit. I motivated her and asked if she wanted to die from stomach pain or a as a warrior. Whether u believed or not, Sundari immedialtly stood up bit her fur to fight the pain, and continued to fight death.

Sundari is a emotional sensitive rabbit. I motivated her. Even though, initialy  i lied to her that she was better than Xena. Right now, i think and i believe maybe she was. She fought to the end.

She was fighting as i held her tightly trying to hit her chest to make her heart beat. Xena was different and so is sundari. Sunari is a brave determined rabbit. Xena just felt she didnt want us to suffer along with her. Maybe Xena already knew she wouldnt survive. But Sundari didnt want to give up just yet. And she took all of us on for support.

She is a doll. And always will be. I cant imagine my cute naughty rabbit has passed on. Even as she lies there, i feel like she is some doll. I cant cry much suddenly. Maybe out of the admiration that a rabbit taught me something really important.

Its like all of us thought she was the child of the family, the stubborn over sensitive one. Or the spoilt child. But she is one brave rabbit. And it touches my heart that i meant alot to her. Maybe because, Xena meant alot to her. Just because Xena was attached to me and considered me hers. Sundari too felt she needed to live up to that standard.

My mom told me she would wait patiently till i come back. When i call her name, she will drag her limp body towards me. I really meant so much to sundari. So much so, she passed away in my arms. I really admire her now. I dont feel any regrets. From her brith till death, from feeding her milk when she was a baby to now, i know i have taken care of that rabbit so well.

It just hurts me, that i realise how much this cute crazy rabbit loved me. Or maybe she really did love her elder sister Xena. It makes me love her so much. I love you sundari. You are still the fattest rabbit i have ever met. So fat!

Another lesson i remebered as i was crying, sundari has not gone anywhere. She has gone back to God. God is my friend. And it where everyone will eventually go. Sundari lived a long 7 years. I cant believe years fly by. From a infant to her old age. I only feel bad for her twin brother panda. He feels awfully sad and is hugging my dad. I am not sad or anything. Even though i cant help crying. I just feel sad i will miss a rabbit, which i realised only now that she might have loved me more than i think. It really matters to her whether i spend time with her or not. I love you sundari. Alot. Mua

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