Updates on my rabbit…


I am a little relaxed today, mainly because my rabbit is doing much better i guess. I have estimated that if she passes through tonight alive and in good shape, in god’s grace my rabbit will make it. I have just force fed her and made her swallow her meal with water. She is sitting there in the couch responsive to sounds around her.

As i was laying on bed, i couldnt help recollecting all the memories i had with this rabbit family. We calls them the Bubs family. It all started with a rabbit called mickey stray on the road. I was quite young then, i guess still in secondary school. And my mom came back and said she rescued this new zealand white rabbit from a stray cat. Initially, i was frightened of Mickey becos my sister had once told me she was chased by a fierce rabbit. So whenever, Mickey came near me (with love) i would run away. One friday morning, before going to school, mickey came running to me. That day, i overcame my fear and started petting her. Really rough. Cos i didnt know how to pet rabbits.

Mickey’s 1st home was a fish tank. We had no knowledge about cages. And she would jump out of it every night and sleep on my mother’s chest causing her much fright. Mickey was a joy, she would run to the neighbour’s home and steal papad (indian chips). Then one day, i was playing with her on the bed. Mickey fell down and broke her foreleg. That was her 1st visit to the vet. She was given some medicines. And then we passed by a pet shop, my younger sister “baby”(we call her baby) insisted and threw tantrums she wanted this rabbit which looked just like the horse from “Black beauty” with a white star on his forehead. That was how Mickey got her husband.


Jimmy was alot alot younger than Mickey. Mickey was unhappy with having a new rabbit but she slowly accpepted him and started sharing her food. Jimmy unlike Mickey was always a clean rabbit. He had a partcular place as his toilet. He would never pee around the house. Mickey on the other hand cosidered every part of the house as her toilet. Jimmy introduced Mickey to “TEA”. They both started drinking tea every morning and evening.

They got married

I was still a teenager. And i still played. So in a game, we got both of our rabbits dressed up as indian bride and groom. We even took a pic. I must scan it in. They had flowers sarees and i dont know what else.

Then came the kids..

The kids never stop coming. They had 3 litters. The 1st litter had 5. Mini, Bandit, Xena and Anarkilli. Yes my best friend Xena was finally born on 28th March on a rainy evening at 4pm. Then came the 2nd litter after 2 months. May 5th, Panda my black and white rabbit was born at 8pm under our couch. And on May 6th, Sundari(the one who isnt well now) was born under a bed.

Jimmy and Mickey

Due to having so many children, Mickey began to fall really ill. Jimmy had to be given away. Jimmy had always been a good DAD to his kids. And his favorite daughter was Xena. Mickey passed away shortly.

The children…

Sundari and Panda were initially under the care of their scaredy cat sister Anarkilli. Anarkilli and Xena were rust color rabbits with long black eyelashes. Really pretty. But Anarkilli was the prettier one. Anar had a soft corner for both her younger siblings Panda and Sundari. Bandit just as his name was the theif of the family. A fat burly rabbit who resembles very much like Panda EXCEPT one of his eyes were blue. He conquered the kitchen. And whenever the refrigerator door opens, so does his mouth too. And he steals whatever his rabbit eyes can lay on. Mini and Xena were the best of friends. Mini was a blue eyed male. They were friends. Until they became enemies, and Mini would climb on Xena’s cage and pee all over her. Then they became the best of enemies. Mini passed away when was one years old, unexpectedly one night.

My best friend Xena

Bandit and Anarkilli were given away to a friend of my sister’s. Xena is a very violent rabbit. In fact, she would grunt at you if you were to come near. She had a hot temper. And she didnt like anyone. Everyone in the family were scared of her. I began to love her on the day her mother passed away. Micky was very dear to me. Mickey squealed out loud in pain when was passing away, and at that time Xena banged her cage as if trying to help her mother. Xena was very very upset. Seeing that, her younger siblings panda and sundari did the same. Ever since that, i decided to become close to her. I would point my finger at her and tell her softly, “Nose scratch”. And i would scratch the air to tell her i am going to pet her. And then, slowly xena will stick out her nose. Ever since that, Xena loved me.

Xena has her own invisible enemies. She would chase her “enemies” around like a dog. She would bite any stranger she didnt like. And she loved tea. She would sleep beside me and let me sing to her. She has a few favorite songs.She could take the elevator down. She would run to you (in love but its look violent) and you find yourself screaming and running away from her. She would bully her younger brother and sister, by stealing their food and chewing right at their face. She taught them how to open their cage with their teeth. Panda was a slow learner and never could master it. Xena never had the patience to teach him.  She often bit Sundari and even attemped to bite her neck once. But sundari had always admired her sister and loved her deeply.

Xena’s demise

Xena my good friend, one day started rolling on the ground. And that was when the vet said she had a growth a sort of tumor near her ear. I really cant bng myself to write all that happened. But i spent many sleepless nights feeding her and talking to her. Xena could never belance herself, her inner ear drum was affected. She couldnt walk or run. Her head was tilted to a 90 degrees. It was a heartahe to watch her suffer. We spent alot of moeny trying to save her. The doctor said a surgery would be too dangerous for Xena. It was a very painful time for me. She was like a daughter to me. I would sleep all night beside her. I had a fear if she were to toss and sleep in a wrong position and suffocate herself. Xena later on showed that she was doing better. She would show me that she can around carpets. But her head was still terrbily tilted. It was as if she assuring me she is fine. Then one night, she fell terribly ill. Her heartbeat was getting weak. And i carried her on my shoulders like a baby. I told her to eat, and she attempted. But i found that she couldnt chew. I couldnt help but cry. After some time, i cried to God and told her i never got enough of being with Xena and told God i dont want to see go. I left her on my bed and kissed her. I couldnt sleep beside her as i was scared i might sleep on her. When i woke up at 4am, i realise her body was warm. Bt Xena had passed away.


Sundari was very upset. She felt we did something to Xena. She searched the whole house for her sister. That night, i decided to take panda and let him enjoy some air con.Sundari was very over protective and got mad. Later on Sundari began to understand that it wasnt our fault Xena passed away. Its so strange that rabbits behave like humans.

Now sundari..

I am still worried for her. Sundari is still the most sensitive rabbit in the house. She always feels that we must hold her and that means affection. I really hope she pulls through. I really really hope…

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