a ray of hope…

I am back from the vet. Thanks to God, i came across a website that explained what the rabbit might be suffering from. Some gas or i dont know whats the name. I read up and went to the vet and spewed out all the details. And he was helpful enough and gave sundari an injection. The abdominal massage the website mentioned put life back to sundari. She seemed more responsive.

I am looking at her as i type. She is back to being lethargic sleeping on the couch. Maybe she is tired after the trip. If she sucessfully pulls through tonight,she might have a good chance of surviving.

I have to also consider that my sweethearts are old. I love them alot. And i hope they live longer ..maybe till i die. But thats wishful thinking. Hopefully, she pulls through. I guess hope and faith are the most important items i should bring in the road to recovery. I have to believe that sundari will make it. And i will stand in prayer tonight and beg to God she will be okay and i hope she doesnt give up and fight for her life as well.

After i am settled with sundari, i have to keep in mind thta i need to get a job where i can earn enough for the rest of my dance classes and workshops. Dance is the only thing that brought me back to life after the incident with that man. And i have decided to dedicate my holidays in perfecting the art. I mean these are the only things i am left with, that can actually put a smile on my face.

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