A short bellydance video performance and lesson 3

Some yummy info on Bellydance 

Okay i am back, this time with slightly more challenging steps. In this short video, i introduced shimmies. Shimmies are body vibrations that is said to have been originated from Africa. In my previous video, i introduced Genie arms. Genie arms look odd, mainly because dancers last time wore veils to cover their mouths and they couldnt tugged it to their hair, therefore they had to hold their veils manually and dance, that is why it looks odd.

Bicycle hip

This is challenging. I would tell you to imagine riding a bicycle. Imagine a wheel moving forward and make your hip move in a circle. Remeber, to stick that ass out. With practise, you should be able to do it.

Hip drops/ front and sides

You can add accents (jerks) to your hips, making it look vigrorous, like ive done here. Your front hip drops looks great with omi combos. You can see an example in my short performance towards the end of the video.

Some interesting info on performance from Shira

The Do’s and DO NOTS of bellydance


  • Place a turban or Arab headdress on someone when it’s his birthday and pose for pictures with him.
  • Grab an audience member’s hand when pulling him or her up to dance with you.
  • Touch your audience victim’s hips with your hands in an attempt to make him/her try to shimmy them.
  • Teach a line dance in which everyone is holding hands, including you.

    • Never place your breasts on either side of a bald man’s head and then shake them.
    • Never shimmy your breasts in a man’s face.
    • Never sit on an audience member’s lap, even if you know him. (The rest of the audience won’t realize that you know him, and they’ll think you’re trying to seduce a stranger in public.)
    • Never engage in openly seductive behavior while dancing, such as licking your lips sensuously, doing vigorous forward-and-back pelvic thrusts, or twirling your hair around one finger while undulating directly in front of a specific audience member.

    My opinion

    Sometimes i wonder, bellydance needs so much concentration that i wonder when people stereotype us as trying to seduce a guy. A hip drop can be really really painful when done continously. How on earth with so much pain would we be able to seduce a man

    More interesting facts

    I read once, that this dance helped women express themselves as their feelings were often surpressed. Keep in mind, that this dance can be really painful even though its a joy when you start learning it. We are often taught to smile despite the concentration when dancing. Was this to teach women indirectly to conceal their feelings during oppression. I dont know. But, its a sudden thought and it had always made me wonder. As for me, i am enjoying this art form, even though i do still find men thinking that this is an erotic art form. And i just think they are dumb, cos bellydance still looks scary to me. Its like some magic show! I really dont understand guys….


    He is nothing compared to the dancing Diva Zenne whose video i had put in my previous entry. Zenne looked a little gayish. But this guy is really a man. He dances with so much of manliness. But his techniques are nothing compared to Zenne.

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