bELLYdance lesson 2 /A bellydancer’s dilemma


I am very sad to say i was about to private all my videos because of some harsh comments from my sister’s friends. They werent too happy and labelled me as someone who dances in a bra. And its sad they dont understand that all these videos are linked to my blog for people to learn from. I do feel happy when i recieve emails from women who appreciate me teaching online. Some who actually wanted to learn the art of indian bellydance. Something which i actually fusioned. Lol. And i was upset. To be honest, ever since my seperation with that man, this dance helped me move on. It has become more than passion to me. I reflected to my best friend God and asked God why this is happening. And then God opened my eyes…

Ray and a friend Michael

Ray is the only sensible person i talk to. Ray told me INTENTION matters. I am not doing this to attarct or seduce men. Even though sometimes i recieve comments. Its not for that purpose. Ray told me to be strong and continue but strctly label my videos stating its for educational purposes. And so i did. Michael , this guy who messages me on youtube, told me to have a talk with my mother. I am very careful when i dress for performances becuase i dont wish to attarct or seduce anyone. Now i dont feel guilty anymore or afraid i might be doing this to seduce men. My conscience is clear thanks to God.

A club

I was frustarted. And then i decided to ask if i can open a club on this dance to clear people’s misconception. I hope it doesnt eat into my study time. Studies is my only proirty for now, as i am already old. And i cant afford to waste my time. I am hoping to rope in staff like Kristine so they may benefit from it. And if i start a club i would make them learn indian bellydancing instead of bellydancing. Indian bellydancing has inetresting expression. Let us see how it goes. Maybe Wendy can join in too.


This man made me generate new energy. His dance is beautiful. And i hate to see when people comment he is gay.But i think he is very very handsome. He has such bautiful features! A guy who dances isnt gay. And i didnt feel turned on watching him. Therefore, i come to the conclusion that bellydance isnt sexy dance cos i wasnt turned on watching this guy shaking his ass. AND I AM VERY STRAIGHT. Plus he frightened me a little. Cos his muscles sticked on and so did his bones, i was afraid they might come off. 🙂

Thank you God for clearing my conscience. You will always be my BEST FRIEND!

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