A bellydance performance for all of you!

Its been one week since i posted anything on bellydancing. In fact, i am exploring more hand movements in this video. We have four basic arms. Snake arms, genie arms, cairo arms and L arms. I had a very good lesson with my teacher. She told me that one of my favorite twin bellydancers is pregnant! Thats great news!! I combined all in a performance. Shirin called me and told me i am really good except that i should concntrate on isolation of body parts. She also told me that when i dance i seem to be in extreme pain. And i know i dont smile, that was why when i was in the float, i made sure i smiled at all those people who were looking at me with shock or was it surprise.


I dont know if its my imagination or Singaporean people havent seen a bellydancer. It just shocks them so much that a hip can move with so much flexibility. I can remmeber one man from the audience who was watching me mesmerized. And i couldnt help but flash him a smile. Its sad that this people dont know that in bellydance you can really do miracles. In fact, i am not a great dancer. But it makes me happy to see how surprized this people actually are!!  I am glad i smiled alot when i was dancing. I wasnt frightened at all. Nor nervous. Maybe because i am so used to teaching that i am not afraid of crowds anymore. I am also glad my clothes was reasonably conservative. And even though i danced vigorously i didnt sweat a drop which is really strange. The others were really sweating!!

Movie with Ryan

I am so happy that Ray and i got the best actor ever. Ryan is being such a sweetheart by agreeing to act for us. Even though, i am glad i dont have to pay him. I make sure his stomach gets good food. I realised i will just make him one of the main characters of the movie. And it will all be short scenes. I guess he will become famous in NP for his dialouge, “You stupid NOOB!”.And not to forget my other sweethearts who acted for us. I am planning to cook a good dinner for all my children of T1B2. I will miss them. It reminded me of the times when i teach, the kids leave u someday. And i kind of expected the same. In fact, i am used to it. I am anticipating our new movie’s outcome. Its hilarious to the core. And it wouldnt have been possible without Ryan. He really agreed for all the comical roles. Maybe i should invite him for the T1B2 dinner as a tribute for him. Only if he is free. And Wendy wendy wendy! I really will miss her. I am trying to keep our friendship through my movies and blogs. I love making her laugh. She is a real sweetheart. I should bake her some cakes too! Its her encouragment that keeps the wacky side of me alive!

My movie and its risks

I really dont care. I am a bit of a gambler. I guess its because i sat at the pit bottom of failure at one point of my life, i am not afraid anymore. I experimented with some totally mad scenes with my movie tonight. I am not sure what people will think. Bt it made me roll with laughter. I am taking life as it is. Education as knowledge. My dad is right, i take this course as a hobby. For the sake of knowledge and playing with my creativity. Ray asks me how come i am so cool. When i was younger, all these grades and achievments matter to me alot. Now it doesnt. Education is not a ladder for a good job. I take it as knowledge. And thom asks me what were my plans. I will say the same again. Make a few movies, do great achievemnts. Retire real early. I guess i would be 35 or 40 lol. Make sure i am good mother to my kids and have great sex with my husband and then die in peace…

I wonder what Thom would say to that.

It reminds me of the time when i dragged Ray to lingerie shop and it striked me that its wrong to bring a naive teenager there, that i had to U turn and bring her elsewhere. And i asked her if she would ever be interested in lingerie. And she told me…why would the future president need that? And i told her…wont the future president want them for….

Cute strange creature. Lol

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