Well well well. I have posted two videos. One is Raw. One is a video tribute.


Please listen carefully to the video. Apparently the one who is recording it is having a conversation with a friend. See what they comment about me…

She: Oh My God!!! Is she a teacher?

He: Staff

Everyone who interviewed me in this float refused to believe i was a student. And refused to believe when i said i wasnt a lecturer!!

Forget me. Please watch the video tribute to all the performers. See how Melanie is rocking the dance floor with pom poms…Hmm…it must be all that clubbing….


To james, kelvin and Jonathan

I know they hardly had limelight. That is why i slowed them, reversed them and effected them in the video!

One thought on “NDP DANCE VIDEO

  1. Hey thx thx sabreena. We crew ppl are backstage crew so we arn’t supposed to be in the limelight ^^ Anyway thanks for considering about us.

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