Bellydance choreography

I think i am becoming quite famous. A so called fan drew me in anime style! Such a sweet person 😀 His name is joshua vesveuns..i think i got the 2ndd name wrong

Ok these are some movements i wanted to see if it looked good. I couldnt judge by the mirror so i videoed a couple of movements for a short piece of choreography.

Bellydance music

Bellydance can be done to any type of music. Not necessary fast. I did it to amelie soundtrack. Its basically how you decide to plan your movements. My favorite is Tarkan, Even though his songs arent for bellydance purposes, i love the beats!

What are the steps?

I did shimmying. Shimmying is my favorite step. It really helps tones the muscles and looks good.  But if you do it in your tip toe, it becomes a choo choo. And that is how i travelled around with the shimmy. And i did small circles with my hips while i was choo chooing around. Tiring! Lol. The final disturbing movement where it seems i was being electrocuted, well thats what we call a body jerk. Its easy to do if you are great with shimmies.

Illusion and bellydance

Well this is my hip scarf, I bought it online! I like the idea of gold. In fact, i like gold color as it looks good on my brown skin! The first try, i didnt wear one and later on in the video i did the same step but now with a hip scarf. This was to show the difference how a hip scarf can create illusions. Its a bit heavy actually!

Bellydance and losing weight?

Hmm, It does create muscles and helps with losing weight. But i do more of training in my cross trainer than dncing. Dancing is my hobby. But it does add in keeping my body the way it is. I carry weights actually to tone my arms. People have a misocnception that it makes u look muscular, but actually no! It tones your arms.

Should i bellydance when i am having my period?

Well. I do that. And it works! It makes ma cramps disppear! Its best done when you are pregnant. People often reduce movementt in pregnancy period fearing that it might hurt the baby. Thats crap. Its better you do the same exercises as you always do. And you can have easy childbrith. My boss was super active. And when she gave birth, she swore she didnt feel a thing!!

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