Belldance Basic lesson 1

Well, i attended  a teeny weeny workshop on bellydance. And i had enough tips for Monday’s tiny performance. I have ato address the audience with a smile no matter how much i am sweating or how hard my heart is pounding. I cant show the strain on my face.

A little tip.

Bellydance history

Bellydance is one of the oldest form of dance. This is what the teacher told me. And many other dances orginated from bellydance. Which i feel is true, i could find many indian dance steps in bellydance.

Benefits of bellydance

It can prevent osteoporosis

Its good for athritis

Its great for menstrual cramps

Child birth

And a great shape!

Correct name for bellydance

Its called oriental dance. My teacher said the arabic name is Raqs Sharqi!  Which means dance of the east/orient. And the turkish name is ORYANTAL!

 Who is bellydance for?

Well its basically fo everyone. But that is a lie actually. It was originally brought for women. Its good for the bone structure and spine. And its a great exercise. I have seen male bellydancers too! Bellydance, if you ask me is the best way to bring out your abs. My teacher told me and inetresting point. That bellydance is th only form of dance where you isolate each muscle or each body part! Example, your hips.

In a belly roll, you find yourself isolating the upper stomach muscle and the lower one. Making a ripple in the tummy. It looks like a “camel” step. But let me tell you, its poles apart!

Some interesting facts i learnt

Bellydance is danced on barefoot, to show the physical connection between the dancer and Mother Earth!. Belts made of coins, like the one i am wearing in this video, in the early days comprised the family’s wealth so that it might be portable in the event the women needed to move quickly or flee!

Tools for dance

You can dance with snakes, swords, lighted candles n large vessels.

Bellydance not for seduction

I have to reemphasize the point again. Haha i am repeating myself in the blog too many times. We are not entertaining men. Belldance were done during fertility rites and parties preparing women fo marriage, and presence of men werent allowed! So, its better if men dont look upon bellydancers as objects of seduction.

Ndp float

If things go well, In god’s grace, i would be doing some bellydance movements in the float to a malayalam song. I would be doing a Four point figure, hip drop kick, hip drops, Rib circles, shimmies(i wonder if those behind can see that) and added with my whole body jerking..that people in the back can see.

I closed my eyes and thought of what an audience want a bellydance to do. And i thought even if its pathetic 2 mins, we can do a good performance, so people can see.

I was reluctant becos of clothes. But i am doing in indian attires, so nothing obscene. I dont wish to dance half naked in front of nice 17 year old teenagers lol or worst in front of my lecturers

2 thoughts on “Belldance Basic lesson 1

  1. Im really surprised at the history behind Bellydance. Actually, it is cool to learn bellydancing, I admire this form of dance because it is very unique in its own way.

    Keep Working on it girl! 😉 Jacqueline

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