Facts on skinny people versus culture

I know my titles for all my blogs suck to the core. I hve a real problem with titles. Perhaps, thats why i named my first experimental film, “Porn”. And it took me a while to explain to Melanie. Lol.


Different cultures have their own defination of beauty. Mrs Diana Chee told us about this and i told her in Kerala, if you are skinny, they would call you stick. They prefer more meat on their females.

Since if was bought up in Singapore, i cannot afford to put on weight here. Mainly becuse, its completely different out here.

I was with my friend Shirin shopping in serangoon road the other day, and her aunt passed a comment that i was sickly and needed weight. But their idea of putting on weight, is looking like my friend….Overweight?

I woudnt call myself skinny. In fact i weigh 48kg and my height is around 160cm. The other day, Ray and i were discussing. Why is it that chinese weigh around 48 kg but they do have bones jutting out and they do not look boney like me. Its like whenever i appear on camera, my square face is very obvious. And that was when we realized, they were smaller bone than me. I guess i must be quite big sized. Among my siblings, i have a broader hip bone, shoulders, square face and i am slightly taller. Even though, i might not be very tall, comparitively i am bigger than them. Ray told meits my size that makes me look thin which is not a good thing.

I have gotten used to eating things natural and really i dont desire to put on more weight. I am not skinny. Skinny are people who are absolutely stick size and they look scary.  And since i dance, its important i be this frame. Sometimes, i dont understand why people comment. Like my friend’s aunt, who is struggling with weight loss? Fat is not good. And so is skinny. And why must i change to what you “term” beauty.  In india, i have to be fat…in Singapore i have to be slim? Who are you guys to label what i have to be?

Chinese people

Coming to chinese people. A foreigner told me, that they all are dreadfully thin. And i believe its true. But again, we have to look at their culture. My good old friend Dorothy, (she’s about 50, but she is  walking history book), told me that chinese men leave their wives when they get too fat. Their idea of beauty is STICK THIN. SUPER STICK THIN. SUPER DUPER STICK THIN. So, i guess that is why they are thin. And they are pretty small frame. I find they do not have brod hips like the indians or shoulders.. Is that why, young chinese teens starve themselves?


I had always found the malay people sexy. Firstly, i love their coloring. Brown. The perfect tan. And they are mostly pear shaped. Which means, they have a good ass. This is the only culture that seems unaffected by weighty issues of Singapore. They still add coconut milk to food and do not bother about growing slim. And i think they look good. If you become too skinny, you can say goodbye to your breasts. There would be nothing up there.


Hmm. Lets not talk about singapore indians.. I do not belong here anyways. Let focus on KERALAAA..

Huge… Thats the word i can think. I dont look like any of them. They are tall. Like 175cm and 180 is normal for a woman there. Most of them are about 165 to 168. They are all big bone. Fat is still pretty there. Atleast among the aunties. Your boobs and ass must stick out miles regardless on whether you are fat or not.

A typical Malayalee actress

This is almost the same situation throughout india. Bollywood people are fake actually. I find the southern indians have serious problems with tummy. Example, Aishwarya rai is so freaking thin she has a tummy. But then again, most of bollywood top actresses are southern indian anyways! Shilpa Shetty is too thin but petite. Most southern indians are petite and more feminine except for a few. Sameera reddy is hot…but she looks like a Zebra…

SAMEER REDDY..another south dwelling in bollywood..


Forget ads, forget stars, forget aunties, forget cultures. You should know what body size you look beautiful in. For those who think anorexic figures are the best…see a doctor immedieatly… 🙂

8 thoughts on “Facts on skinny people versus culture

  1. i must confess that i love these girls i just saw. i always told my parents that i will marry an india girl as my wife. my dad is a governor in nigeria. well i am just 18yrs old.
    can you send me a kiss.

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