My sister’s Graduation ceremony pics

Well, this is the most cliched ceremony i have ever attended. It started with cliche talk about the graduates, a cliche political biased video of how great their institution is and a cliche talk about how far graduates must fly. Then there was cliche food and cliche drinks and cliche eating. My mother was the only entertainment there. She kept shouting to the ang mo man in malayalam, “Enik veshakinnu” (I am hungry). The ang Mo had difficluty prnouncing indian and chinese names. There was this particular girl, her name was Foo Chee. And my mom, kepy shouting back Fuji. She is a real joker! I laughed like crazy, even though it was a formal occasion.

My mother is such a joker

My father is camera shy. he is isolating himself from his joker wife.

My sister and her tamil friend.


Now my turn to wear the hat 😀

My sister is going to futher her studies in UK. And that means she will be away from us. Even though, i am happy i can take over her room, i am sad cos we have never seperated except for the time she went for a study trip in UK. That too for a week. And my mother cried so much in the airport that she vommited. She jacked up the phone bills by calling my sister every few hours and asked “Have you eaten Moley(daughter).”

I wish to travel around the world. But thanks to a typical indian mother, i cant do that easily. She thinks i will be kidnapped raped and sold off as a prostitute or my eyes and kidneys will be gorged out and i would be made to beg in the streets.I remembered being so upset with her silly tantrums, that i ran off to Jb once and spent two days there and switched off my handphone. My mother didnt kill me but she was very upset.

I guess i am old enough to take decsion for myself. My dream is simple, i dont wish to go to exotic places, just live in a village like a villager. Help the poor and learn cultures and observe people, think toooooo much and stereotype them all.

I would like go to Thailand one day and help the people there. And this time, i wouldnt listen to my mother, i would just leave…

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