Today, the organiser of the NDP float thought i was bellydancing for the event. I was taken aback. Mainly, because i wasnt prepared. The costume. Isnt it way to revealing? And the last thing people would want, is me dancing in my bra. At a school. I told her its a little inappropriate. Unless, i get a more conservative costume. Not a bra. Since most costumes are cabaret type. After reading some useful websites, i have decided to make my own. Trust me! Its cheaper than forking out a 1000 dollars!


Invest in a gooood hip scarf

Brand New Belly Dance Hip Scarf

Get a skirt or sew one for yourself. I plan to use my long skirts instead of getting one sewn.

Sexy Belly Dance Wear Silver Paillette Halter Tank Bra

Well that top is still a bra?

What i plan to do is to get sleeves sewn…see through material or something that flares towards the end. In that way, only the waist would be revealed and it wouldnt be such a terrible outfit! I guess i have to customise it for  myself!

Well i hope this helped.

Long skirts can be gotten from THIS FASHION. Its cheaper there. 😀

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