Dilemma with kerala….

South Indian mother shown wearing the Mundum Neryathum in the traditional regal style known as Mola Kutcha

What you see above is a neriyath, A costume worn by Keralities

Now,the problem is…Somehow i got involved with the NDP float…I am an impulsive person. Melanie called me in my handphone and she sounded excited. And i joked back that i would join if she wore a saree as well. And she became super excited. And i told myself. i cant move back now. So, i agreed.

Initially, i planned to tie a saree on her. Yes, she would look marvellous. She has a petite figure. Unfortunately…i dont really know how to secure the saree on the hips without pins.

So, i thought i will get her one of my pakistani suits. With lots of the indian jewellery.

And, since i am a proud keralite. I guess this is an opportunity to show NP and SINGAPOREAN who Malayalees are! And i told myself, i am draping a neriyath over my body.

But the problem is…

I dont know how to tie one…

And so does my mother…

Trust me…she doesnt even know how to tie a saree..

Then luckily, i remembered my fellow people from kerala…living in chua chu kang. I will get them to tie the neriyath on me an get back to school on a cab. I guess i will die of heat the whole day. But, the satisfaction of representing kerala is just too great to miss. Even though, technically its Singapore’s birthday..I still feel i am a keralite. And maybe i can represent the tiny tiny portion of malayalees out here. And thank Singapore for allowing asianet(malayalam channel) on starhub cable Tv.

The only thing, which i might not follow in the costume is the…


Firstly, i fear i will be overdressed, even though i am patriotic of my people back there. Malayalee costumes are the simplest in all cultures of india. But compared to chinese and other races…it is still over powering… I mean we only wear a towel on our self…a silk towel..

But then again, i might wear the Bun with some flowers on the hair to complete the kerala kutty(gal) look…

But i am so freaking old …and old looking…

with saree i met just look 60 years old! Haiz.. Sometimes i think i should back off cos i am way too old for this sort of fun. They should go for more energetic people from my class…

Oldly yours

Sabreena 😥

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