Bellydance video by me for Shakira ve/ Lending my voice to another issue in society


Well, i remixed this song. I mixed the orginal and the remix to produce this one. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I did hip snaps, hip jerks (thats not the name) and egyptian twists in this dance. These were my main focus. I did the shimmy a little different by adding in undulations. Trust me…i died after that. It was very difficult!

A little voice to the world

Apart from my videos, i still want my blog to address some issues to the society. I was talking to Melanie casually about relationships. We have a private joke about it. People frighten me nowdays. Melanie does haf a point that good relationships are important. I know i am old fashioned. But, if you love someone, why dont you honor them with marriage. Some people tell me, if you trust someone, you dont have to really tie the knot.

Imagine introducing someone dear to you? Boyfriend vs Husband. When someone hears you are married. They immediatly back off. But when they hear you are attached, they still try their luck. I still am frightened of people who love and have sex but dont have intention to marry them. You love them but dont want to risk living with them? These are just some questions in my head to the world.

Sometimes people fear marrying the wrong guy, therefore they rather stick to relationships. Its a scary feeling for me. Really. How can you love a person and never want to live with them. To me, i feel its not about distrust or being afraid of society. I dont care about society. If i love someone, i will honor them with marriage. So i can show everyone, this person is important to me and this is why i chose him over all other men. Its like buying a doll and having it for yourself forever. I dont think i can ever accept cohabitation.


Whatever happened to safeguarding your virginity before marriage? Am i backwards? Is it wrong to be pure and only let your husband or touch you?

A person told me thats bullshit. You miss all the fun. I find it very difficult to sleep with people just like that… Then another told me, what if your husband is a jerk? And has slept around…I honestly dont care. I jsut want to respect who ever who fills that position. i know i am backwards. And i dont care what the world thinks of me..there is no relationship for relationship.

But i do agree when Melanie says relationships should be like friendships. Sorry people, i am not a desperado about marriages. But, i was thinking quietly the whole night about what Melanie and i talked. I jsut felt i must lend my voice to this issue. It is one sided. But its what i feel.

Love to me means more than what people do these days

Love isnt glamourous…its like what my parents share..tolerance…no matter how much one plays xbox and no matter how much one watches tv…they still stick together like STINK ON A WARTHOG…

thats love…

Tarkan drives me crazy with his songs!

This guy had been my favorite singer for years. He is turkey’s no.1 . I hardly listen to english or even indian songs. Only the good ones. I find arabic and turkish beats hit the right beat for me. I love tarkan. If i ever see him, i would say SENI SEVIYORUM lol.

I first saw his clip in kerala. And i think he has the most charming eyes. Another singer i like is Ramy ayach.

But nothing beats tarkan. His music is so good. And he always makes me smile. There is this charm about this singer, i dont feel with any other singer. He just rocks. He learnt english and released an album. Mass confusion. Wow, i was expecting a turkish accent. But his english was so good. I was cheering him. I hear tarkan didnt evem know how to speak english. He took lessons. Amazing! We love you tarkan!

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