Sabreena looks into the mirror with tears in her eyes.

Angry at herself for killing again.

“Why are you so upset. You did what she deserved”

Sabreena isnt surprised or shocked by the talking image in the mirror.

She has gotten used to it.


he mirror image was none other than Shanu.

Shanu claims to be protecting her, securing her.

Shanu is ruthless

No doubt she is a good friend

No doubt she becomes an armour to protect Sabreena from cruelty.

But when her form takes over Sabreena

There is destruction all around.Shanu is like a robot.

She knows no compassion.

She knows no pity.

She is a machine.

She doesnt think when she kills,

Her goal is to protect Sabreena

Shanu used to be a tiny part of Sabreena

People hardly notice Shanu.

But Sabreena herself puts on the armour Shanu when cruelty around gets too much

Sabreena herself let Shanu take control

.But now, it becomes too much for Sabreena

Shanu kills everyone near the slighest radar of threat.

Sometimes Shanu kills Sabreena’s friends.

Sometimes her own family…

Sabreena feels like she is dying slowly

There is no longer one person.

There are two.


Shanu becomes a larger part of Sabreena

Shanu claims she is protecting Sabreena

Shanu takes over claiming she will protect Sabreena forever,,,

Will Sabreena diminish slowly…

Should Sabreena cut off this main artery of kinship..

What if she dies in the process…

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