Lingerie and Me


Okay today i am going to talk about UNDERWEARS! Well this striked me as i was walking past lingerie shops and i remmebered once going with my friend Shirin for a Victoria secrets Sale or something. Shirin has a fascination for branded…to put in layman terms…UNDERWEARS.

I laughed when she was choosing G strings. And she was persuading me to get some. They were STRINGS. Seriously STRINGS. I was thinking in my mind, what has the world come to? First, they loved big underwears, then now STRINGS?

Well if i am going to fork out 100 bucks on a bra, i rather flaunt it.  Ive seen some pathetic teenagers who spend so much on G strings, that they let it peek out of their jeans, to show its worth. I told Shirin this, when i have a husband then i would get them. So i can make HIM watch me parading in my expensive bra and and strings! Atleast its worth the money!

Push up bras

Another fascination my friend has is over push up bras. Well, if you ask me, i would tell you this. Some women flaunt their boobs so much, and when they finally take off their push up bras, it causes much disappointment to the male, doesnt it?

Well i think i have more than enough for my thin frame and i am covering it with shawls, if i were to wear a push up, i would always have to be conscious especially if i am standing near tall men. I am conscious enough when i am wearing low cut blouses without shawls.

What would i go for?

Since now i am unmarried, i would go for comfort. Something that supports my boobs. Some of these push ups and push downs can be uncomfortable if you are a very self conscious person. I guess i am shy to push up my boobs and flaunt IT. Its nt my character…

But i would certainly invest in some good lingerie some day. Right now, i am aiming for this nice sexy bellydancing bra. Its sooo shimmery and nice. I can dance in my room all day long.

Sexy Belly Dance Wear Red Paillette Halter Tank Bra Top

Sexy right?

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