WINGLESS BIRD (written a year ago)

Another night…

Another day passes breaking into darkness…

As darkness eats into the day, i snuggle in my warm cosy cage

Looking at my Master, his prescence giving me a sort of comfort

Security and happiness

I look far into the crimson red skies

I see my own kind chirping, flying hastily to their nests

I snuggle myself to a comfortable position

A satisfied smile spreading across my face as i compare my life with them

I used to be just like them

Flying across the sky, smiling and feeling the breeze

But i have given up all this to prove my love to my Master

He likes me in a cage, happy to possess me

I miss my freedom sometimes, but i think this is my world

Every bird’s destiny is to serve its Master

Slumber crept into my eyes

Slowly slowly, i drowned deeper into my sleep

“Thud” i fall flat into cold concrete floor

Cold bolting through my body making me shiver

I was blind, i can’t see where i am

“Master! Master! where are you!” i screamed

Frantically flapping my wings

Failing, i hit the hard cold floor over and over again

Dragging myself forward, i felt something wet and long

“Grass?” am i in the open? “Where is my cage?”

Tears rolling from my eyes, i heard footsteps walking

Away it went, followed by a loud slam

Those familar footsteps, belong to my Master!

I began to choke in my own tears

My master was my father, my mother and my only relation

I gave up my freedom for him

Today, i lay helpless in a strange place

Flapping my wings, i try to fly

Trying to trace back to what i was good at

My heart engulfs with fear

The very security i thought i had is no more

Staggering towards the darkness

Once my fear, now this very darkness is my home

I had to learn

As i walked, my reality became more certain, and the reality i believed in

Fell apart into a billion pieces

Will this ever end? I ask myself

But these very words echoed back to me

Struggling between fear and courage i walked

Flapping my wings vigourously

I wouldnt let an animal eat me

I will fly the same skies i abandoned for my Master

Flapped with all my might, hopped hoping to learn

I dont want to die, i dont want to give up

My heart beats with pain, each beat reflecting how much my Master hurt me

So many promises, all of them fake

Which is reality, which is a dream, nothing is clear making my eyes foggy

I flap again and again

Harder and harder

I feel myself go higher in the air

Joy makes my heart skip

I feel as if im a child again

Higher and higher i went

The first rays of the sun brightened the sky

“I can see! I can see!” i exclaim to myself

Familar voices fill the air

Voices of my kind chirping away

Away i flew, closer to them

I see them in the morning light

Dancing, singing, skipping with joy

I fly to them

and bumped into one

A pretty eyed bird, belonging to my kind

She chirped a hello sweety to me

I looked to her, with a bashful smile

These are my people. these are my kind

They were always guiding me even through the darkest times

“where are you from?” the pretty bird cooed

i gestured my wing to the house in the distance

A golden cage hung there

Once my home, now seemed a prison

I squinted into the bright morning light as i saw my Master walking in the garden

Something was in his hand, i couldnt clearly see

I looked deeper, but it only made my heart sink

Another bird in his hand, just like me it trusts his kind

I looked away from my past, as if it is a nightmare

I hold my pretty maiden’s wing and flew away into my reality

that always holds my identity

where there is your freedom, that is where you truly belong

I believe art and writing needs emotions. Thats why i write or draw when i am emotional. It makes me reflect and diverts my negative energy away. For some reason, i like what i wrote here. Maybe because of the emotional attachment behind it. I found this when i was opening some old files and thought of posting it. And really guys. forgive the Typo. Its not that im a bad speller just a bad typer and sometimes when technology gets too complicated, i find it hard to conceal my mistakes, thats why most of my presentations are presented with errors. Haiz.. Jacky find it funny though…lol

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