My Belly roll video / Solution to losing weight!

Well this is a bellyroll people. And i think i didnt do a good job. Cos this is my first attempt. Bellydance never seemed sexy to me. You know? I found it scary the first time? Dont you people think that way too? The way that belly moves. Even though, i have no intention of publizing my videos, i had some positive feedback from youtube people. There were couple of emails that said my style is nice different. And i remmeberd one from Turkey. I remmebered that cos bellydance is said to have originated from there(technically its eqypt). This man said my style was different.


So, i decided to view some of my favorite dancers. Yes, i am different? I decided to adopt a totally different style i guess. I didnt like the jerky movements of all those dancers. I decided to do it the indian way. Even though, my teachers will very upset that i am not doing the original one. I like doing it this way. With grace.


Well, i think i should get back to writing something useful for our society. Many women are very obsessed with their body that they try to reduce their size to that of a  mannequin, which is very unnatural and unhealthy. In art class, Zelda insisted in drawing an anorexic figure claiming that is her ideal body. Wendy found it frightening. Well, this is the situation of many women today. I was one of them. I experimented on something after reading an Indian women magazine(for aunties from india by aunties from india).


Well, i tried it for the fun of trying. My mother wanted to kill me. The idea is EAT YOUR WAY TO BE SLIM?


Well. This is the plan! Eat every four hours in small portions. Not briyani. But wholegrain and proteins? Why!!!

Wholegrain and protein are harder to digest. Therefore, you feel full for a longer period. And its like making your stomach a burning furnace. Food is your fuel. Eat food which requires energy to digest. Protein and wholegrain. You will lose weight by digesting. Your metabolism goes high. In one week, you would be smaller that you are now.

What about exercise?

I decided to add exercise to this plan. Even though, many people may not even remmeber when was the last time they exercised. I would suggest you to do it every 2 days for 20 minute.

Effective workout?

I do mine in my cross trainer. Elliptical trainer. I love my legs toned. You can be skinny or slim. But toned legs are way better. Its so firm and NICE!

So the trick is… 5 min, do a normal run, then one minute run like all hell is breaking loose, then run normal for 5 min. Keep doing that. And what you have done is an effective workout.

No machines at home?

Sign a membership at a good gym. Fitness first is great. They have a pool too! But you have to travel to town. Cheaper solution? Get up early and run. Maybe run to school? You can save your bus fares. If you are late, Good! Blame the govt for increasing bus fares.

Therefore, forget about buying IZAP and Osim’s IGallop(It looks like they are ….) And all other gimmicks. Do things the traditional way human beings. Exercise and eat sufficient food, dont be greedy pigs. Forget fast food and processed foods.

Seriously, i saw this old man on (I gallop). Gosh, i felt sorry for him because there were two young guys laughing at him from behind!

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