bellydancing to AMELIE french song ((reloaded video)

Imagine bellydancing to the rhythemic soundtrack of french film Amelie. Ray thought that wasnt a great idea. Anyone would say that. So i tried it. This is the result.

There is something in that music. When i was little, i had a dream. A dream house. A small country house up a lonely hill. With animals everywhere. And i would run around and there would be music everywhere like indian movies. There wont be any background dancers! Just me alone in a small dress where no matter how much i skip, no one can see my underwear lol. Then, i would want piano music. I dont want the sun to be too hot. I will run round and round.Then, it will drizzle and i will still dance around for the piano music. Then, it would rain. Then, God will give me an Umbrella. And i would dance with it.

This had been a forgotten childhood dream which was created after learning about farm animals from an encyclopedia. And it has become my secret ambition. Atleast mine and florian’s. Florian and i are sick and tired of this world’s cruelty and lust for mindless sex. Just to refresh your memory, florian is the super conservative german boy! And one of my only good friends. Our dream is to run away. Throw money. And live a life so simple, so forgotten, so beautiful. We will grow farm animals. 🙂

And this music rings this familiar forgotten tune of memories hidden away in this adult’s world. I love this soundtrack.

Therefore, i danced for it. Forgive me for the messy hair and terrible expressions. I could see the concentration on my face. Belly dance isnt that easy. Really!

Yesterday i had a dream. A dream or a nightmare. I cant really say. The world is ending. And people were getting taller and bigger. Then, someone said the small people are too open with what they say. So they are being replaced with the bigger human beings. And this person claimed, the bigger people were much nicer in nature. Then i am protesting in my dream, “The bigger people arent even real! They are all fake!”.

Today, in the train i analyzed my dream. Am i an adult that ran away from this world? This dream probably portrayed the feelings i have upon adults. Hypocrites who seem so nice on the outside, but are rotten in the inside. They arent even real. Supressing their emotions and putting on a drama for others. But children, no matter how outspoken and rude they may seem, are innocent. And children are being replaced by adults. Is that what my dream reflected? Strange world…

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