bellydancing with a fly VIDEO

Did you guys Notice a fly  Belly dancing with me. Meet Fly? Must be one of Anthoney’s good friends. Lol


I was flipping channels last saturday, it seemed they put some tamil movie and i got to see this song. Hearing the bellydance music, i told myself this is just perfect.

Dance steps?

The first one i did. Its called chest rotations. I did the “camel” as my second step. I could never master the camel and i am still not sure if what i did was a camel. Please dont pay attention to the pathetic arm movements. Its not from bellydance. My hands just moved about. There are real arm dance moves for bellydance. And its quite nice to do. It circulates blood. Example, snake arms, pyramid arms, nile arms. They have a few.I did the “duck walk” as the third. Hip drop kick. Thats my personal favourite.

Important discovery

While i was mixing indian and arabic dance. I realized that most indian dances use bellydance moves. The only difference is that in indian dance, its much faster and more jerkier movements. Like the one, i did. It seemed like i was doing something else. I have seen that jerky movement in many bollywood( i hate bollywood, malayalam cinema rocks) songs. Its one of my favourite steps. It goes well with the beats.

You must have noticed me moving hands along with the hips. Such movements give a smooth flow to your dance. It gives the illusion that your hip is moving smoothly.

Another point, for GOD SAKE’S do warm up exercises before you bellydance or you may end up having body aches like what i am suffering now…


Since Zelda couldnt come over this week, atleast the fly attended this session lol. I will make a video to break down these steps. I didnt plan it well. It was great exercise for me though. My back still aches. This blog has now becoming my official bellydancing blog. I will post the break down video steps next week. Keep tuning in.

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